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Alabama Edit


The University of Alabama - Alston HallEdit

Rating: 10
Date: June 2010
Comments: A perfect testing site. We sat at long tables with over 5 feet of room on either side, and there were roughly 25 people in a 300+ seat lecture hall. The proctors were quick and efficient, they kept time perfectly, always remembered the 5 minute warning, and were extremely quiet during the test.

Rating: 10

Date: June 2010

Comments: A great place to take the test, especially as a student there. I would highly recommend taking the LSAT where you are familiar. For me, it was a big confidence builder to sit in a lecture hall where I had taken classes in years prior. I just thought about all the tests I had taken in that room. I made A's on those tests and I was going to rock the LSAT too.



Arizona State University-- Schwada BuildingEdit

Rating: 9

Date: October 2013

Comments: Excellent test center. They divide you up into ~6 rooms based on first letter of your last name-all but one of the rooms was on the second floor, so I can't comment on what the room was like for the people that took it on the first floor (I believe it was room 150, if anyone wants to scope it out first). I was in room 210-large lecture hall with long tables, so plenty of room! Quiet. Room slightly cold (bring layers!) but I would much rather be cold than hot during the test. There was a long line for the women's bathroom during the break, so make sure you get out of the room quickly after they announce you can go on break and immediately get in line for the bathroom. My only gripe with the timing is that I felt like we only got ~12 minutes for the break (I started timing it on my watch as soon as they announced break). No (working) water fountains, but there are several vending machines with water bottles (that accept cash and credit) on the same floor. I parked at the Rural Rd parking garage, about a 5 minute walk from the test building. It's free on Saturdays. If you are not familiar with ASU (I went to UG here, so this wasn't an issue for me), I strongly recommend that you visit ahead of time to figure out where everything is because it's a HUGE campus and can be confusing-bring a map! Proctors were very good-they wrote the remaining time on a white board (changing it at 25, 15, and 5), and appeared to have two timers running just to make sure the time was accurate. They were generally organized and we started testing just after 9 AM. They followed the major rules, but weren't overly strict. Fortunately, they let us drink water during the test (we just had to set it on the floor next to us instead of on the table)-score! No clock in the room that I could see-make sure to bring your own watch. The proctors did have extra pencils available just in case people forgot to bring pencils (but really, don't forget to bring pencils). I hope I don't have to retake, but if I do, I would definitely take it here again even though it's the location that's farthest from my house. 

Rating: 9

Comments: The facility was more than adequate. Free and abundant parking is a short walk down the street in a parking garage. (At least it was free on the Saturday of the exam.)

They divided us into numerous rooms dependent on your last name. There would have been about 40 - 50 in each large teaching rooms. (A little less than half did not show so there were about 25 of us on exam day.) There were 2 seats between each tester. 3 tier stadium set up. Tables not desks, so tons of working space. The chairs were hard, but I didn't expect anything different. The noise was fine with the exception that the chairs squeaked on the floor each time they moved.

Proctors started checking people in about 8:20 and waited until 8:45 for anyone else since there were many test takers who hadn't arrived yet. The only annoyance was the clock is in the back of the room so bring a watch. We started the test around 9:15 and were out a little after 1:00. No complaints at all. Proctors all did their jobs, were not a distraction, and did not let people get away with anything. They were human and accomodating.

University of Arizona -- Drachman HallEdit

Rating: 10

Comments: Brand new building. Free and abundant parking right next to the building.

Divided us into 3 large teaching rooms. 70 per room, 2 seats between each tester. 3 tier stadium set up. Tables not desks, so tons of working space. Comfy chairs. Noise Proof. Amazing really.

Proctors could have started checking people in earlier (they started right before 830, but everyone was lined up where they were supposed to be, and went quickly once they started). Nonetheless we started the test at 915 and were out a little after 1. No complaints at all. Proctors all did their jobs, were not a distraction, and did not let people get away with anything major.

California Edit


College of AlamedaEdit

Rating: 10

Comments:I had an awesome experience. Everything was efficient, but relaxed. It didn't feel rushed, but there also wasn't too much waiting around and making us anxious. They let us go to the bathroom just before the test (which doesn't happen everywhere). They weren't anal retentive about anything that wasn't blatantly breaking the rules. Remember to bring $1 for parking and show up a little early because the line to pay for parking can be long on LSAT day. Desks were good. Very quiet campus since it's a commuter school and nobody's there on Saturday.

Rating: 10

Comments: Big desks, class only about half-full, plenty of parking ($1), & very quite. Proctors I had were great; quiet and not obsessive over time.

Rating: 9

Comments: Proctors were very nice and easy going, many bathrooms, desks were fairly spacious, easy campus parking $1, very quiet, relatively few test-takers per room (split everyone up into three classrooms according to last name).

Rating: 7

Comments: The desks in my room were attached to their seats, middle-school style, so there was somewhat insufficient room to have both the test book open and the score sheet. Fortunately, I scoped the room out in advance and was prepared to transfer every two pages in order to reduce the shuffle back and forth. The classroom was ok temperature-wise, but there is currently a lot of construction across the breezeway, and the classroom opens right out into the outdoors, so while outside noise was occasional, it was very audible. The procter was nice and friendly, but had a strong accent, so if you didn't understand exactly how the test was run before, I'm not sure you would have learned it then. Fortunately, with about 25 test takers in the room, everything went quickly and comfortably. Hoodies were allowed, food and drink kept beneath your desk, etc. Could have been better, could have been much worse.

Rating: 10

Comments:  Better than my desk at home!  Took the Dec 2009 LSAT at this test center.  My last name placed me in D312, a third floor classroom in a concrete and glass building with generous acoustic tiles throughout.  The room was outfitted with individual college style desks with large table tops (maybe 22" X  24"?), enough to fit the test booklet, the answer sheet and any other items that are allowed on the desktop during the test.  The seats were plastic, bucket-type with a flexible back which was great for stretching.  I sat in the row closest to the windows, at the very back of the classroom, under a row of very bright lights which couldn't have been better.  I had test takers on only two sides of me, which cut down on any visual distraction. 

The room was exceptionally quiet.  The only noise, if you listened intently, being the Oakland airport departing airplanes and a few birds.  Internally, the room was just as quiet.  With 60 test takers and 3 proctors, you'd think there would be quite a bit of noise.  The proctors wore soft-soled shoes, didn't talk, and didn't rummage through any papers or anything during the test. 

The proctors were very strict about section timing and the rules other than these 5 exceptions: they allowed hoodies (not over the head, but worn); they asked that if you had a cell phone, you be sure to make it silent; they wouldn't follow you to the restroom if you had to excuse yourself during a section; there was a 17 minute break between sections 3 and 4 (woo hoo!); and they allowed a bathroom break before the writing sample. 

If I had to offer any criticism:  although the bathrooms were conveniently located just outside the classroom, with just 3 stalls for the women, you had to wait, or plan your breaks carefully.

As a matter of interest, I phoned ahead to speak with the proctors about the test center instead of visiting.  They were easily accessible, and answered all of my questions enthusiastically.

Good Luck!

Chatsworth, CAEdit

University of West Los Angeles School of Law - San Fernando Valley CampusEdit

Rating: 10.0/10.0

Date: June 2012

Comments: This is a superb location to take the LSAT. Starting off, there is ample parking, and you will not have to find a parking garage or feed a meter. The staff is competent and efficient, without being overbearing. They seem to understand that many LSAT takers are already stressed, and they really make the process as painless as possible. The actual testing room is ideal. The chairs are comfortable, the desks are huge, and the room is absolutely silent. I could not have asked for a better set of test taking conditions, and I would encoruage anyone considering taking the LSAT at UCLA to considder the drive up to UWLA. West LA is far superior than the auditorium seating that UCLA offers, the UWLA staff is much better prepared, and I genunely believe that the differences between those two testing centers will make a a marked difference on the scores I got at each testing center.


UC IrvineEdit

Rating: 7

Test Date: December 11, 2010

Comments: Tablet desks, lecture hall seating, clock was hard to read from the last row. Some students (4) were allowed to sit at large tables at the back of the lecture hall. Life is unfair, sometimes. Proctors could have been more efficient with passing out booklets, collecting booklets, and checking ID. One proctor didn't know that she had to give booklets on one side of the room. Someone kept on coughing and having to run out, a few people left during the test. Parking is a little tricky, but the campus map could be found on the UC Irvine website. Parking is $10.

Rating: 1

Test Date: February 3, 2011

Comments: This testing center is awful. I took the test in October 2010 and again in February at this location and both times I had to cancel my score due to noise complaints. In October, there was a Jodaiko (Japanese Drumming Team) practice going on very close to the room in which the test was being proctored, which was a huge lecture hall with teeny desks. The drums echoed throughout the room for the entire test making it really difficult to concentrate. Thinking it was a one time thing, I signed up for the February test in the same place and the UC Irvine MECHA student group on campus screwed us over. They held a DJ booth with amplified sound directly under the room in which the test was being proctored in for their high school conference without any permission and declared that they had a right to be there because they had permits (which they didn't). The UCI Police Department did nothing to help the situation even though they were supposed to and the proctors kept leaving the room to tell them to turn it down. It was like taking the LSAT in the middle of a high school prom! Don't bother taking the LSAT here because UC Irvine does not understand the importance of this exam and does nothing to control their student organizations who have such blatant disregard for the campus policies and their fellow peers.

Rating: 8

Test Date: October 2010

Comments: I took the test the same day as the above reviewer and I didn't have any problem with noise. There were multiple test rooms due to the large number of testers so it's possible we were in different ones, but mine seemed to be nearly soundproof. I thought it was very comfortable; no windows, calming gray interior, non-drafty. The desks were not ideal being the small fold up kind common in large lecture halls, but I just flipped up the desks on both sides of me and used one for my booklet and the other for my answer sheet. The parking was super confusing. I was unfamiliar with the campus so I went the day before to avoid getting lost the morning of, and still had some trouble finding the proper lot. It's also a big testing center, meaning lots of people. It was definitely a bit of a grind waiting for everyone to get checked in and to get through all the instructions, get seated etc. Overall though, I liked the room.

McGeorge School of LawEdit

Rating: 10

Date: February, 2007

Comments: Pleasant experience. I had test in a law school auditorium. The desks were attached to each other, and the seating was every other seat. So I had a lot of space for the test-book and the answer sheet. The desks are arranged in letter U, so there is no feeling of being crowded from behind and front. And you don't see people's legs constantly shaking, which is nice. The room temperature for February was nice, I don't remember anything being wrong with it.

The proctors were nice. They read the rules before the test fast, without pausing and doing unnecessary stuff which would usually take away from your alertness and stamina. They overall were efficient, and they seem to know what they were doing. Oh, and they were quiet during test, no cellphones, sneezing, or talking to each other.

I took the test in February 07, so that may explain every other seat seating arrangement. But I recall they divided us in 4 groups, and sent in different classrooms, so I guess it did not matter after all.

Parking - the school has free parking behind the test building.

Folsom Lake CollegeEdit


Los AngelesEdit

Southwestern School of LawEdit

Rating: 10

Test Date: February 2009

Comments: Just took the February 2009 test. Was in large forum classroom with MORE than enough table space for all materials. Comfortable chairs with open spaces on both sides of my area. Plus, VERY friendly yet efficient proctors and check-in personell. I had heard about this testing site and paid the $33.00 to change from USC to this site. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

Rating: 10

Test Date: October 2010

Comments: Signed up for this center after taking the test in June. As stated above, the classrooms were large and there was plenty of table space for everyone. The air conditioning was on but it was not freezing, so a coat was not necessary. The chairs were very comfortable and they were not connected to the table. The personnel were pleasant and efficient, and the proctors were not excessively anal compared to proctors at other test sites. The neighborhood where the school is located is not very nice, parking costs $6, and the rest rooms are not the cleanest in the world, but I would definitely take the test here again if I had to.

Rating: 10

Test Date: October 2012

Comments: I took the June 2012 LSAT at Northridge and the difference was remarkable. Better organized, more comfortable, TONS of space. I highly recommend taking the LSAT here.

Rating: 10

Test Date: October 2012

Comments: The desks are very large -- long rows, with plenty of depth. Very comfortable. Admission in the morning was a breeze. Plenty of (paid) parking in their lots. My only complaints are that the bathrooms are tiny and, more importantly, my proctors weren't very organized. We thus didn't begin the actual exam until late. It did, however, proceed smoothly and quickly from there on out. A++++ would take again...well, no.


Rating: N/A

Comments: I tested at UCLA and it was not a fun experience. The chairs were small, although padded, and my arm took up half of the writing tablet. I had to stack the test book on top of the answer sheet and go back and forth between the two and even then the tablet was smaller than the test booklet when it was closed. It was very uncomfortable and not a good testing environment.

Rating: 7

Comments: A lot of people give UCLA a bad rap in general, but I guess if you have a decent tolerance for testing conditions that are only a bit under par, I think it's worth it, especially if you're familiar with the area. I think as a UCLA student, I was already familiar with the chair sizes and the table sizes, and though I, like the poster above me, did have to go back and forth between the two, in my honest opinion, it wasn't something that killed the LSAT for me.

Rating: 5

Comments: I personally had a poor experience testing at UCLA. The proctors were on time and organized, but we had to wait for them to bring a clock into the room before the test was administered. Furthermore, the auditorium seating with tiny tables was a worthless way to take the LSAT. The lighting was dim and the chairs were uncomfy and started to give me back pain towards the end of the exam. Avoid if possible.

Rating: 10

Comments: UCLA as a LSAT testing center usually receives bad reviews, but it depends on WHEN you take the exam.  I took it June 2013 (there are less people taking the June LSAT than the October).  When I took it, it was at the Career Center and there were a total of about 40-50 students, but we were in separate rooms.  In my room there was about 15 students.  We had large desks, the temperature was cool and nice, and the proctors were great.  Very organized and they knew what they were doing.  We had a clock in the front also.  Plenty of space, and a comforting environment.  Unfortunately, I blanked out on the exam so that did not go well, but it was the perfect environment.  However, I know for October LSATs they are in small crammed rooms - I can't say for Feb or Dec.  But if you take it in June, and UCLA is nearby, there should not be a problem.

The University of Southern California (USC)Edit

Rating: 4 (Note: The main law room was full, so this review is for the overflow room, while I've heard great things about the main room)

Comments: Auditorium, tiny desks (although we were spaced out and had 2 available per person, for our extra pencils and whatnot), dim lighting. Proctors were pretty good, even though the main guy had a pretty thick accent. They weren't too strict.

Advice if you want to take it at USC: Go to the front of the line, even if you're supposed to go in alphabetical order. Do whatever you can to get the main room.

Rating: 8

Date: Dec. 2008

Comments: I was in a basement room, which was a large auditorium space. Test takers had plenty of room to spread out on long desks. The proctors were also nice and not overly strict with the rules (i.e., bathroom breaks, etc.). They also put a clock up in the front of the room for test takers to use. It was as calm an environment as one could expect given the circumstances. I also got out shortly after 1:00PM, which was a vast improvement over the 3:30PM exit time I experienced during the October 2008 administration held at the LAX Marriott (AVOID AT ALL COSTS!). The efficiency at USC was far and away superior. Of course, this probably comes with only having 30-40 kids in a room instead of 300+.

Rating: 9

Date: October, 2011

Comments: extraordinarily quick, efficient, and proctors were excellent. Despite a game being on campus they placed us in the law basement, zero noise interruptions, and the lecture halls we were in were excellent(designed for 200-300+ with only 30-40). The crowd was also cool, which i think people underestimate the value of when on break trying to clear the mind for the final sections.

Would definitely recommend to anyone in SC. Would suggest that if there is a campus event, either arrive a bit early if it's before 12, or simply pay the parking fee and make life easy on yourself.

Rating: 8

Test Date: December 2012

Comments: I was in a basement room, but from what I could see (by looking through classroom windows) all the classrooms used had similar set-ups: long rows of desks with plenty of space between seats. The desks were a bit less deep than at Southwestern, but that didn't matter; space was not an issue whatsoever. My primary proctor was rather strict and cold. The proctors were efficient, however, and the process went quickly. Large bathrooms, water fountains, and apparently a cafeteria with vending machines (I didn't see for myself). Plenty of free street parking just off campus, and paid lots on campus. The only real issue was that no USC personnel had gotten there early in the morning to open the building, so we were all waiting around outside for a very long time -- admission didn't begin until 8:45. That said, I still got out by 2. A++++++ would take agai-NOPE. NOPE.

Also: As far as I could tell, where you were in line did not determine what room you were placed in. I was 1/4 of the way back from the front and was placed into a basement room, but only one other person standing within 20 people of me was in the same room with me. The last girl came into our room after I'd been there for 20 minutes and, while we didn't have name placards denoting specific seat assignments, we were all spaced evenly, with two chairs between each test-taker.

Mission ViejoEdit

Saddleback CollegeEdit

Rating: 6

Date: June 2012

Comments: Couldn't fix the air conditioning, although they claimed to have fixed it so they said that we should start the test. Well we didn't have a choice, and we started the test. It did not get any cooler... beads of perspiration were everywhere. I would really recommend not taking it here, as in the Orange County area, I'm sure there are better places that won't have you sweating. I got a 173, but probably would have done much better if I hadn't been sweating my ass off the whole time.

Rating: 10

Comments: Regular class rooms, seemed to be around 20 takers per room. No disruptions or other problems.

Rating: 9

Date: December 2009

Comments:Really cold, but maybe most sites are.  Very clean and well lit, nice facility.  Requires parking permit but I didn't buy one and they didn't ticket me.  During the break there's a courtyard with a bunch of vending machines so that was good. My proctor allowed water and didn't mention labels.  Definitely an experienced proctor who didn't allow anything to negatively affect process.  

Rating: 9

Date: October 2010

Comments: Spacious, well lit classrooms and friendly proctors. My procotors even cracked several jokes to try to lighten the mood. There was no clock, so the proctor went to her own office and detached the clock from the wall to bring to us in the second or third section. I was allowed to push a desk over for more room and the parking was extremely convenient. My biggest problem... and I imagine this is definitely more common than not, is that we were unable to leave the building for a cigarette. If you're anything like me and took up smoking for the test, I suggest buying a pack of the little spitless tobacco packs for the break. It certainly won't be a cigarette, but it will help :).


Monterey College of LawEdit

Rating: 10

Comments: The proctors were nice, let everyone scream before the test to let out anxiety. There are only a few medium sized classrooms, so you won't be in a giant hall with a million people. Desks are giant. Bathrooms are very close by and proctors were pretty easy going in letting people go before the test, etc. Check in process was smooth and quick. Parking is right in front of the building and is free. The building was also very easy to find for someone who had never been there before. It was also extremely quiet, as there are no other buildings around. Great testing site.

Rating: 5

Comments: Proctors were nice, but I personally did not enjoy getting a sales pitch about how great Monterey College of Law is or their whole test anxiety scream. Additionally, in the room I was in there was enough noise to mess up my concentration on multiple problems. First, I think there was a break room nearby because during the entire first section a microwave kept going off and we could hear people talking. Second, one of the proctor leader people kept coming into our room and talking to our proctor. Given the intense time constraints, those little interruptions meant not being able to finish some sections and thus a lower score (in comparison to my scores on 15+ practice tests).


University of RedlandsEdit

Rating: 9

Comments:Test was scheduled in an older academic hall with high ceilings and big windows. Result: a nice, open airy space and small rooms. It only took about 20 minutes to sign everyone in. We had big tables and nice chairs. Every other space was skipped at the tables, so there was plenty of room. Proctors were decent. Not too many bathrooms stalls for the ladies, though, so I spent most of my break waiting in line.

Rating: 9

Comments: Large table desks, good chairs, small rooms, lots of bathroom stalls, street parking.

San BernadinoEdit

Cal State University- San BernadinoEdit

Rating: 7

Test Date: October 2015

Comments: Much better than expected. Everything was easy to find and check in happened quickly. Leave a few extra minutes to pay for parking though since they have an actual person who gives the guest passes and there was a line. Everyone was split into designated classrooms. The temperature was fine, and the proctors were pleasant. If there was any momentary issue of noise one of them went to take care of it. The only problem I had was with the desks. There's about 10 of you scattered around the room, and each of you have 2 little students desks. It was adequate but not the best set up. It was hard for the book and scantron to not overlap and that was frustrating. 

San DiegoEdit

University of San Diego - Institute for Peace and JusticeEdit

Rating: 9

Test Date: June 2009


Parking is available in the garage right below the Institute for Peace and Justice. You need to get a visitor pass from the kiosk at the USD entrance. From the garage, you can take the elevator or stairs upstairs. Many test takers, multiple proctors, and the test was split up into multiple rooms. First room was a large auditorium. Chairs were simple chairs, not particularly comfortable. The desks were large rectangular desks shared by two people. This allowed plenty of room to have both the test booklet and answer sheet spread out on the table, as well as many pencils and such. Proctors were pleasant. Noise wasn't much of an issue, nor was lighting or temperature.

San FranciscoEdit

San Francisco State UniversityEdit

Rating: 2

Test Date: October 2013

Comments: Awful, awful, awful. Tiny desks. Was literally writing on my knee at one point. I wouldn't have had a problem except logic games have been reformatted to take up two pages per game (rules/setup on one page, questions on the other). Keeping the diagram and questions open at the same time proved to be incredibly difficult. Also, forget about keeping anything besides your answer sheet on the desk.

University of San FranciscoEdit

Rating: 2

Comments: Bathrooms were far away, half-sized, fold-out depressing little desks, constant construction noises, way too many test takers in the room, proctors were fairly chill. Parking a total bitch (it is SF), but accessible by MUNI.

Rating: 10

Comments: GREAT testing center. nice, long desks. Got to sit with no one next to us (person-empty chair-person). It was cold in there, but overall, went VERY smoothly and GREAT proctors

Rating: 10

Comments: Great center, no complaints. Everyone had a nice long desk, sat next to no one, plenty of room, probably just 10 people in a room with 3 proctors. No complaints

Cathedral Hill HotelEdit

Rating: 2

Comments: Complete shit show. Total chaos. Clowns for proctors. Tables that seemed to have been carved from logs the morning of, completely uneven surface and gave tons of splinters. Avoid at all costs.

Rating: 8 (Building), 6 (Administration)

Date: Dec. 2008

Comments: It was a hotel with a large ballroom so we had plenty of space, it was a far walk from the BART station though. Lots of UC Berkeley, USF, SFSU students. The Hotel staff let you check things in with the bell hop if you brought unapproved items. I forgot my LSAT ticket but they had a public computer with internet access and a printer (THANK GOD!). There was a bar where you could take your approved tissues and drink your sorrows away if necessary.

The proctors took forever to seat everyone (nearly 350 ppl - I had time to count them all), the proctor also had a monotone voice that was deep and slow - took forever to read the instructions. We didn't get out until around 3pm. I went and peed outside in a bush during break because the bathrooms were too crowded. (no joke). Also all this made people unhappy and there were lots of grumpy people all around including hotel staff. I didn't care so much.

Rating: 8 (Building), 7 (Administration)

Date: Dec. 2008

Comments: I was in the overflow room, a large banquet space. We were seated at long tables, so there was plenty of room, and no problem for lefties, but the surface of some tables was rough and uneven. No trouble with noise or other distractions during the test. Check-in was slow, though; no one would notice or care if you showed up 10, 20, even 30 minutes late. During the break (about 15 minutes), we were free to go outside for some fresh air, or a smoke. An advantage of taking the test at a hotel is the ability to bring any bag you like and check it with the desk.

Santa ClaraEdit

Santa Clara UniversityEdit

Rating: 10
Date: February 2012
Comments: I had a great testing experience here - checking in was a breeze, the building was just right across the parking lot (with free parking on weekends!), and the proctors seemed to be current students, so they understood the importance of the test. The chairs were super comfortable (like office chairs), which I was a bit unused to; and we had plentiful desk space. The room was also nice and quiet.

(Also an additional note to my fellow females - they provided pads in their bathrooms, so if it's your time of the month during the LSAT, don't fear if you take the test here)

Rating: 10
Date: October 2012
Comments: SUPER comfortable test center, nice conference chairs, huge desks - definitely enough room for all your various booklets, tissues, etc. Parking and check-in were both easy and the proctors were current students who were friendly and not anal :)

Santa CruzEdit


Rating: 5
Date: October 2012
Comments:Testing experience was marred by small fold out, slanted, half-desk top. I wish there were a way to contact the testing center to request full-sized desks. I'm sure there would be enough people requesting it that the University might actually listen.


California BallroomEdit

Rating: 10

Comments: Close to 19th St BART, wide desks, the ballroom fits maybe 90 max (we only had 60), very quiet, super nice proctors, and because the restrooms are located right off the ballroom, we were allowed to use them during the test.

This is a fantastic location, close to 19th St Bart and across the street from a parking lot. The room holds 100 people max and there were not more than 60 in attendance both times I took the LSAT. The proctors are incredibly nice and generous (if you mis-bubble, have stray marks or need to blacken things, see them at the end and they will help you fix it). They tape up a clock for the room, have extra pencils and pencil sharpeners and a heavy duty eraser that can take the ink off the scantron, which they will let you borrow when the test is over. If you brought cell-phones or back packs, the proctors were totally fine with you checking it in with them up on the stage. I cannot recommend this testing center enough.

December 2010

Just took the test here. Had three specific problems. First, the PROCTOR'S phone went off twice. She did not silence it, but let it ring for a full minute. She was right next to the door and did not go outside, which was even more frustrating. Icing on the cake, she answered it inside. What's worse, when confronted she justified it by claiming "my mother is very sick." All I could think of for those minutes while it happened is 1. WTF, a phone? 2. Are you going to fucking silence it/pick it up/go outside? 3. Again?!?! 4. Answering it inside????

Second, the same proctor opened the door and yelled at someone who had walked out. She then had a prolonged conversation with him, all the while keeping the door open! Very hard to concentrate when such egregious behavior on the part of the PROCTOR occurs.

Third, during a break when asking that they get rid of a beeping watch left by the bathrooms, they started the next section without me and another guy. We were talking to the proctor, which they specifically told us to do if anything was wrong, and they then screwed us. The time is important, but the dis-jarring experience of one more thing robbing you of time and comfort is even worse.

The center overall is a fine building, and the rest of the experience was ok. But the pattern of shitty administration was enough to seal my decision to cancel my score. Thanks a ton you craigslist losers. TAKE THE TEST AT A LAW SCHOOL WHERE LAW STUDENTS PROCTOR. THEY KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THE TEST IS AND WON'T FUCK IT UP!!!

Colorado Edit

CU Boulder-Chemistry Edit

Date: June 2017

Rating: 2

Comments: Room was sweltering. Painfully hot. Start was late because the proctors couldn't figure out how to turn on the AC. Heard a car alarm or construction once.

Stadium seating, clipboard-sized desks. Not over crowded. Proctors were clearly inexperienced but other than not figuring out how to turn on the AC and reading the initial instructions extremely fast they weren't bad. It would have been fine if we didn't have to stand in a hot hallway for an hour and then go into an even hotter closed room.

CU Boulder - Engineering Center Edit

Rating: 5 (room 3, proctors 7)

Comments: Stadium seating, clipboard-sized desks. Not too crowded, okay temperature, proctors quiet. LSAT hard! 12:30 show-up time, 1:30 start time.

Not the best test-center IMO. Proctors were very friendly and professional, and had things together, but the seating is awful: Desks so tiny that not only does your opened test-booklet hardly fit, but you have to juggle between it and your answer sheet the entire test.

Date: December 2009

Rating: 5 (room 5, Proctors 5)

Comments: Seating was at small desks but you can use two of them. Proctors were clueless and un-attentive. I could have taken out a thick LSAT book full of prep tests and they wouldn't have looked up. Several students who needed to leave actually raised their hands, and unnoticed, walked down to the proctors and poked them to ask to leave.

Denver Edit

Community College of Denver - Auraria Campus Science BuildingEdit

Date: June 2017

Rating: 8

Comments: They were super efficient about getting us started. We started the actual first section before 1:00 and left at 5:15. I was in the lecture hall with about 50 or 60 others. The desk was an okay size but not big enough to spread out. We were seated every other spot so I used the armchair of the seat next to me for my tissues and pencil sharpener. It was a really nice temperature for a short sleeve. The bathrooms were big enough for everyone to use it during the break with extra time leftover.

University of Denver- Sturm HallEdit

Date: December, 2008

Rating: 7 (room 4, proctors 10)

Comments: Testing center was moved from CU-Denver to DU 3 days before test. About 50 people taking the LSAT. Bathrooms and parking were close by. The room was a stadium seating room with small desks. However, the proctors allowed people to use the desk to their left to place spare pencils, watches, pencil sharpeners, etc. Written countdown on the board every 10 minutes was a huge plus. The LSAT started a bit late, mainly to allow anyone who didn't know to make the trip down from the old testing center (CU-Denver) time. DU's law school building also had an LSAT section: 200+ people, and that center has a history of very late starts.

Date: June, 2009

Rating: 2 (room 1, proctors 3)

Comments: Also the author of the above. Man, what a difference 6 months makes! A good testing center goes down the drain. Overcrowded (no every other desk this time). Hot. No clock. Proctors couldn't get people checked in on time. Over 2 hour delay. And fuck dinosaurs.

Date: June, 2009

Rating: 7 (room? , proctors 2)

Comments: My experience wasn't quite as bad as the above's. The proctors were really late, and so there was lots of nerve-wracking milling around and annoying conversations to overhear about how much people studied (and no iPod to drown them out). But once you got into the test, it wasn't bad. My room had enough seats, was a fine temperature, quiet...the proctors seemed to know what they were doing. But indeed: fuck dinosaurs!


Fort Lewis CollegeEdit

Rating: 9

Comments: 5 test takers, excellent desks, quiet room, proctors were occasionally loud (whispering, cell phone, etc...)



University of ConnecticutEdit

Rating: 6

Date: June 2010

Comments: Construction and a lack of detours caused many students delays in finding the building, which was unmarked. There is no free parking at UConn so many students ended up paying $35 tickets. The building they use is condemned and lacks air conditioning. The desks weren't very spacious but management. The proctors arrived to check people in 15 minutes before the 12:30 call time. Other than setting up and posting room assignments a bit late they were very efficient and accurate; the timing seemed about perfect. About 20 students per room with 4 rooms. It wasn't cramped, but the university really ought to take advantage of its much nicer buildings instead of the outdated ones.


University of HartfordEdit

Rating: 7

Date: Feb. 2009

Comments: Lots of people in the building, but only 16 in my room. Bathrooms were disgusting, but proctors were okay. Started at least a half-hour late, which sucked. Long tables, lots of space -- though some people did have to sit in those shitty desks with the table attached. Parking is free, always a bonus.

'Rating': 4

Date: December 2012

Comments: The test began 30 minutes late because test takers were initially required to sit immediately next to one another, until a more senior LSAT administrator came in to check on our room and required that we all have five feet of space.  One of the proctors' phone rang twice during the test.  The second time she took the call outside of the room.  Although the poctors were very nice people, they were not well prepared and did not know the regulations.  It was a very distracting environment. 


Weslyan UniversityEdit

Rating: 10

Date: December, 2009

Comments: Maybe 50 test takers at the most in a large lecture hall - there was plenty of space to spread out and the chairs were decently comfortable. The proctors were super nice and quiet the whole time and were very good about starting promptly and moving everyone through the forms fast. The room was ridiculously cold, but that helped keep me sharp. Parking was free and easy.

New HavenEdit

Yale UniversityEdit

Rating: 10/ 6

Date: June, 2008/ Oct 2013

Comments: Less than 20 test takers total. We were put in a law-school type room with rows of semi-circular desks. There was plenty of space and the proctors were very efficient. As I recall, we started 10 minutes later than the scheduled start time and got out hours earlier than some of the larger test centers. Please be advised that the above comments apply only to the June administrations. I have heard bad things about October and December administrations at Yale - small desks, too many test takers, etc

In October 2013 they moved the room the day before the test.  A large lecture hall with dim lighting and the smallest desks you could imagine.  They called time early on the last section, they gave us the rest of the time after collecting and having to pass back out the exams.

Florida Edit


Miami Dade College Medical Testing CenterEdit

Rating: 9.5

Comments: About 20-30 people per room, each of us had a desk sufficiently large to have both pages of the test open + the answer sheet separate. Ran rather efficiently, check in took about half an hour. Parking is free and across the road. Was absolutely silent except for an emergency vehicle that went by.

Miami Dade College North Campus 

Rating: 6

Average test center. I took the December 2013 LSAT at Dade north, and it was average. Nothing bad happened, it was extemely efficient and very quiet. The only negative was the extremely small desks with connected chairs. I was unable to have my test book fully open on the desk, and had to fold it in half in order to have enough room for it and my bubble sheet. I would recommend taking the test at Barry university instead.  

Coconut CreekEdit

Broward College, North CampusEdit

Rating: 9

Comments: Classrooms were small (30 students or so each), tabletop desks were spacious and ample, not to mention the all-important clock on the wall. Only factors that keep this from being a perfect 10: the proctors' alarm went off at 5 minutes and took a few seconds to turn off and the administrative side of things was a bit lengthy. All in all, an excellent test center.

Rating: 1

Comments: The classroom that I, and many others, were stuffed into had 1) an air conditioner that was off or broken 2) the sounds of an adjacent classroom's lecture loud enough to understand every single word 3) desks with a surface area smaller than a standard sheet of paper. If the 85-90 degree heat, distracting noise, and uncomfortable seating weren't enough to affect our ability to concentrate, the proctor making a mistake with the five minute warning certainly did the trick; she announced, during the first section, that we had four and one half minutes remaining--when we really had nine and a half. This of course lead to a two minute debate between her and all the students that had their own wrist watches. It finally ended when she realized that she was looking at the wrong time piece. After the break, during section four, she did the same thing again (only she realized much more quickly that she was wrong). In addition, we started about 40 minutes late because the center was unorganized and put more students in our classroom then the proctor had test booklets. We had to all sit in the heat until someone brought the tests that were missing. Everyone in that room was extremely upset about the whole experience.

Rating: 0

Comments: The admistrators of this mess they call a test were highly unorgazied and unprofessional. I now relize where the imcomptetl poll worker go after the election. The test admistrators were a gang of family menbers from the ghetto. We were moved 3 times all over the campus until these idiots could find a room. Due to the incompatece of the test adistors, the test did not start until 9:45. After the test began, protocers ere texting on their cell phones, and some of the phones were ringing during the test. Additioally, Some test answer sheets were lost.


University of Florida (J Hillis Miller Health Center)Edit

Rating: 7

Comments: Hundreds of students, but goes quickly. Students divided into rooms of about 100-200. Rooms are lecture style classrooms, comfortable, not particularly cold or warm. Beware of home game days, which can create potential difficulties with parking as well as a noisy environment.

Rating: 7 (9 for Parking)

Comments: There was a bit of a wait at the beginning. Lots of students, but it went quickly. Pretty good bad site!

Rating: 9

Comments: Tons of students were also testing at this location but it was very efficient and quiet. Parking was an issue. The desks were long tables and there was plenty of writing space. I would definitely recommend this location.

Rating: 10

Comments: Took October LSAT, about 50 students in my testing room (a lecture hall with long tables). Lots of space, very quiet, pretty efficient. There was a home football game on my test day but it was at 7 PM so it did not affect anything. 

Key WestEdit

Florida Keys Community CollegeEdit

Rating: 10

Comments: 10-15 students for December admin(the busiest), noiseless, huge desks, plenty of parking, nice proctors

Rating: 9

Comments: Tons of students were also testing at this location but it was very efficient and quiet. Parking was an issue. The desks were long tables and there was plenty of writing space. I would definitely recommend this location.

Rating: 10

Comments: (June 2012 admin) 13 students were scheduled, seven actually showed up. Very quick check in, proctors were super nice, parking was easy and free, I parked literally 15 feet from the entrance to the test room. Everyone gets their own very large table to take the test on. There was no noise at all. Can't imagine a better testing location.

Saint PetersburgEdit

Eckerd CollegeEdit

Rating: 6

Comments: Proctors showed up 30 minutes late but otherwise did well. The room we took the test in had tables for around 50 test takers and the rest had to use tiny auditorium style desks, so get there early to get a table. Construction noises happened for about 20 minutes and that was a bit annoying.


Tallahassee Community College Edit

Rating: 9

Comments: Parking easy to find. Large, quiet room. 65 test takers. Everyone had lots of room with 2 people per large long desk. Proctors great. No disturbance. Only thing making this a 9 instead of 10 is that the desks were rigid which made it difficult to bubble.


Rating: 9

Comments: Parking was limited to street parking. This was fine for the June test, not sure how this would have been during the Fall/Spring semesters when more students are on campus. The test was in the Grand Ballroom. The room was extremely cold (so wear layers). Some students shared a table with one other test taker and others had a table all to theirselves. I took one point off because the ballroom is next to a student bowling alley and so you would hear noises from that. Overall, if you're prepared for small distractions, you should be fine.

Georgia Edit

Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel - Atlanta, GA (location 6110)Edit

Rating: 7

Comments: The test center was in the Georgia Ballroom. Approximately 40 rows of long tables were set up with ~8 seats per table. Occupancy was easily 200+. Tables were more than sufficiently wide, but a little lacking in depth. Took a little creativity to set up test booklet, answer key, pencils, watch, etc. Biggest desk annoyance was the table linens that made bubbling a little inefficient. Since I was near the edge I removed the linens and wrote with the wood table as my substrate - not perfectly smooth, but no risk of puncturing the Scantron.

Proctors....oy vey, the proctors. I suppose they did the best they could with a room so large, but there was plenty of disorganization and wasted time. I doubt the lady reading the instructions had read aloud since elementary school - she certainly hadn't read through the instructions prior to this administration.

Noise - pleasantly quiet. Limited sniffles or background noise. There was the occasional muffled police siren. During section 5 there seemed to be a party being set up in the adjacent ballroom as there was quite a bit of squeaking and bumping, but this was not terribly distracting.

Parking - wretched. If you take at this location in the future, DO NOT VALET. Once the test was over it took another 90 minutes for me to retrieve my vehicle. There is plenty of other parking within 2-3 blocks - choose that instead. Due to the parking situation the entire ordeal was about 10 hours despite me living fairly close to the location.

All in all, I'd take it here again. Most important thing to bring is patience - because of the number of people and the need to distribute and collect tests multiple times, it will inevitably be a very long day.

Illinois Edit

Wheaton Edit

Wheaton CollegeEdit

Rating: 4
Comments: Proctors had no idea what was going on; it appeared it was the first time they proctored the test. The desks were small, elementary school style desks with no elbow room. We were packed in 30 students to a class room, and proctors walked around in narrow rows constantly forcing people to change posture to avoid running into the proctors. Horrible experience.

Rating: 8

Test Date: December 2010, June 2011

Comments: My test was administered in a very new building called the Science Building, apparently for the first time starting at the Dec '10 administration. I think the fellow before me was referring to the Billy Graham Center, which is where the Dec '10 administration was originally to have been held (they switched it a few weeks before). Wheaton College is about a 40 minute drive for me, but it's the closest testing center for me.

Location: Easy to find, very obvious building. Parking is excellent if you get there a little early; there is a lot across the street where I parked both times with a sign indicating that visitors may park there. I was not ticketed either time, and I did not notice any "visitor permits", so I assume they're either lenient for test takers or don't require visitor permits. There is another, larger lot closer to the Billy Graham Center that is similarly marked. While there is a Metra (commuter rail) station about ½ mile walk away, the line (Union Pacific/West or UP-W) does not run early enough on Saturdays to get to the test. There may have been some bike racks at the Science Building.

Conditions: Temperature was good, though possibly a little chilly in the summer for skinnier people; the standard advice about dressing for the test should not be ignored here. There are two types of rooms used for testing: a medium-size lecture hall and three or four smaller classrooms (discussion section sized). In my two administrations, I tested in two of the classrooms. The top half of the alphabet seemed to go in the lecture hall both times; I don't know where the split fell so don't bank on one or the other. Both the lecture hall and classrooms seemed to be designed with students bringing laptops in mind, so think wide tables with a lot of space. I felt like I had at least five feet of desk space to use. Chairs had padded cushioning and sliders. The aisles in the classrooms were wide enough to permit the proctors to comfortably patrol without disturbing the examinees. Desk height might be a problem for taller examinees; I'm about 5'8" and my neck was bothering me by the end from bending over my test. In the classrooms, there were digital wall clocks, but these were positioned towards the back of the room, and therefore just about useless for examinees. Restroom facilities were nearby and quite adequate for the number of people taking the test. Noise level was exceptionally low throuhgout; the loudest sounds were people writing and the sound of air blowing from the ventilation system. I did not see any vending machines in the area examinees were allowed to be during the break.

Proctors: The first time, I got two older ladies, and the second time, two middle-aged ladies. There were about 24-28 seats in each classroom. Both times, the proctors were kind, courteous, informed, efficient and skillful. They seemed strict, but also fair. They read the test instructions very clearly and with virtually no mistakes. There were no significant delays, and absolutely no timing errors. During the test, one sat while the other very quietly patrolled; I almost forgot that they were there a few times.

Negative points: uncertainty of the room type you'll get (I don't know if I'd like the lecture hall as much as the small room); few seats outside the rooms for break time; if you've never been there before you might be nervous about parking; the wall clock positioning was awful and I wished they weren't there given they were useless; I saw no wall-mounted pencil sharpeners; I saw no payphones, and given the train situation, you more or less will need to drive yourself or carpool.

This notwithstanding, if I had to test again, I would still go to Wheaton College.

Evanston Edit

Northwestern University undergrad campus (NOT the law school)Edit

Rating: 8

Comments: My room had a fairly small group, probably 30-40 students, and there was enough room that we skipped seats. Other groups were probably bigger, as one of the testing rooms was a large lecture hall. The desks were long tables and there was plenty of room. Proctors got things going and we didn't have to wait too long to start the test. A few points are deducted for squeaky chairs and the parking situation: lots of people got tickets for parking in the lot across the street. I recommend taking public transportation (metra or purple line) and not driving if you are coming from Chicago.

Sept Test-Like the other,  small groups, large tables, plenty of room, and fast proctors. Parking wasn't an issue since it was Saturday, but the chairs to squeak a lot. I think my proctor gave two extra minutes on one section, at least according to my watch.

Rating: 10

Comments: My test took place in a lecture hall in the Tech building. We started on time, the room was a nice temperature, everyone was spaced-out along long tables so there was plenty of room, and the proctors had 2 timers to make sure we were given the appropriate amount of time. In sum: it was as painless as an LSAT could be.


Northwestern University (Downtown Campus)Edit

Rating 9.8

Comments: Baldwin Auditorium- Panorama seating, seat next to you is open, ergo dynamic chairs, no windows,bright lights. Not a perfect ten since there is no time piece on the wall.

I was in Rubloff room 180 -- it was fantastic. Incredibly comfy chairs and a digital clock on the wall that even had the seconds counting down. The only downside was the clock was in the back of the room, but the seats were curved in a half circle, so if you sat on a side, you could really just glance to your side.

Rubloff room 195 -- VERY spacious. Only twelve people in my room and we all got our own row of 6+ seats. Quiet. Chairs were comfortable, swivel-y. Proctor was helpful, an overall good experience.

Loyola University (Downtown Campus)Edit

Comments: The test is administered in several classrooms in two buildings. Candidates are divided by name. When I took the test in Feb 2009, the names at the beginning of the alphabet took the test in the law school building, which houses larger classrooms and bright light. The overflow students are sent across the street to the college of arts and sciences building. In there, students are divided into several classrooms of 15-20 candidates. The desks in the classrooms of this building are terrible: half-desks. You cannot lay your test booklet two pages across on this desk, and you have to keep flipping from the booklet to your answer sheet. If you can avoid this scenario, do so.

DePaul University (Downtown Campus, School of Law)Edit

Comments: I took the test in June 2016. (I initially signed up for Northwestern Evanston, but got an email from LSAC a few weeks before the test, reassigning me here, possibly because of all the construction at Northwestern right now.) We lined up initially from the main lobby all the way throughout their bookstore. I don't think I even checked in there; a proctor just wrangled a group of twenty people or so, and brought them up in the elevators to a classroom on another floor. We waited to be checked into the classroom, where they seated us starting with the first person in line seated in the back. (If you're paying attention, you'll realize by now that they did not care about alphabetical order at any point in my testing day.) They squeezed a few more students in there, then realized that we had a whole row of tables open, and reorganized us so that most of us had a chair between ourselves and the next test taker. I actually had two to three proctors in our room at any given time; I'm guessing one of them was like a mentor, floating between spaces. (He did at one point softly speak to the trainee proctor, WHILE I WAS TAKING THE TEST, but I don't assume that's usual.) The proctors seemed nice, although I think the one reading the instructions was more nervous than I was. Room was not too hot or too cold, and it was really nice to have the long tables, plenty of room to spread out. Not sure about other proctors, but mine were not very strict-- I'm not even sure they inspected my baggie. They were friendly when checking me in, and when I accidentally reached down to my bag in between sections while they were reading directions (which I know I'm not supposed to do, and quickly panicked), they didn't seem to notice or care. I took the train downtown, which I would recommend; I bet there were places to park nearby, but it would've been stressful for me to figure out (not to mention expensive). The reporting time was 12:30 and I think I got out before 5:30 (test in total should take 4 hours 45 minutes), so they didn't waste too much time on instructions or anything.

University of Chicago Edit

Comments: The Ida-Noyes Hall testing center was PERFECT.  Plentiful (free) street parking right outside the building and a beautiful park that I took a walk through beforehand to clear my head.  The building itself is like a museum with stone walls, wood floors, carved wood bannisterse, old paintings, etc.  It was a very relaxing atmosphere, I almost felt like I was in a castle.  The test rooms had full tables for every test taker, and I felt like there was plenty of space.  I was right next to an open window with a slight breeze, plenty of natural sunlight.  Couldn't ask for a better place to take the LSAT.  I almost want to keep it a secret, just in case I have to take it again!

Kenwood Academy Edit

Comments: The LSAT sucked, but the test center was GREAT. Highly, highly recommended. The proctors were great -- seemed very casual and took their super-official duties in stride -- even had what seemed like high school kids coming around to check IDs, etc. Everyone meets in the auditorium, then everyone is divided into groups based on last name and are led to classrooms, etc. I took my exam in the lunchroom on nice tables (two ppl to each table -- really expansive). Classrooms appeared to have large desks.

EDIT: I tested here October 2010, and it was completely miserable. No air conditioning on a really hot day, although this wasn't the biggest problem. My issue was the proctors who talked to each other throughout the test, despite being asked 4 times by three different people in the classroom to be quiet. They even continued to give us instructions once the timer for the first section had been started. I would not take the test here unless it was a last resort, and even then, I would probably plan to take the test on a different date, or take a bus to a different city where there was an available testing center.

EDIT: I took the October 2013 test here, and my experience was like the first poster's. Proctors were professional, friendly, and efficient. I was in a classroom, and there were two people to each pair of large tables, at either end. I didn't use close to as much room as was actually available to me. We finished before 1:30, which was earlier than I was expecting. (To be fair, the weather was in the low 70s, I don't know what it would have been like in the room if it had been hotter outside).

Indiana Edit

Indiana University- Indianapolis- Nursing Building Edit

Rating: 10

Comments: Well lit and clean. Efficient check in and good proctors. No complaints. $4.00 parking. 1980's building, but very updated. Nothing special. Much better than IU Bloomington! (IU-Bloomington $26.00 parking, dim rooms, older building, an hour from indy.... booooo)

Notre Dame University - South Bend Edit

Rating: 6

Comments: I would recommend ND for your LSAT. Testing is taken in a large panoramic style auditorium with about 100 or so other test takers. The auditorium uses a small flip out desk and its just not big enough for a large test like the LSAT. The result were papers, watch, etc. scattered all around and a lot of paper flipping noise (a lot) as people transferred their answers from the booklet to the sheet. Time was well marked via clocks on the wall. Proctors were terrible. The head proctor was chewing gum (forbidden for test takers) and walked up and down the stairs in FLIP-FLOPS during each section - a total lack of common sense. The seats were OK. The hall utilizes those exceptionally cushiony old style movie theatre seats which sink deep.


Ames, IAEdit

Iowa State UniversityEdit

Rating: 8

Comments: Carver Hall. Good size room, carpeting, and long tables. Space separated between each person so plenty of room. Comfortable enough chairs. Two small clocks in the front of the classroom. Exactly 30 test takers.

There was white noise from the central air vent that kept the room temperature at a decent level. It shut off halfway through the 5th section turning the atmosphere into dead quiet and painstakingly hot environment. All of a sudden I wa prone to hearing the sniffles and bubble scratching that the vent noise had helped drown out.

Protors were great, very meticulous, and they started right on time. Followed everything by the books and were pretty respectful.

Parking is easy. The building is right behind admissions where there are at least 20 spaces for prospective students and free to park on weekends. Definitely recommend getting there at least 20 minutes early and bring extra water.

Only gripe was the vent system that turned off.



University of KansasEdit


Date: June 2012

Comments: Proctors were competent. There were two wall clocks at the front of the room on art easels for easy viewing. According to my watch, the proctor's timing was perfect. The chairs were kitchen-table style with padding and the desks were those six foot long folding tables. Most tables had two people, but I got my own. It was a little hot. I smelled by the time I left. Overall, as good as I could have hoped for. There is a Visitor's parking garage about 200 yards from the building, but the lot directly in front of the building requires a pass. I got a $25 ticket for parking there, so be careful.



Centre CollegeEdit


Date: June 2009

Comments: Proctors were great. Desks were small but manageable. We were divided up into groups of roughly 20 per room which was nice. Only complaint: the room was FREEZING. Bring a jacket just in case, even if it is 90 degrees outside.


University of KentuckyEdit

Rating: 9

Date: September 2009

Comments: It was awesome. The proctors were helpful, efficient, and used a timer. Before the test, they asked how the temperature was for everyone (it was good). The room was quiet, and the tables were long so we could spread our stuff out. There was no clock in the room though, so definitely bring a watch.


Ann ArborEdit

Washtenaw Community College Edit

Rating: 10

Date: December 2009

Comments: Great place to test-- students are divided into clean, spacious, well-lit classrooms, and each student got their own table in most classrooms. Proctors were professional with reading instructions, timing, and giving 5 minute warnings. They enforced the rules strictly (kicked out a student who had a cell phone in her ziplock back.) Parking is free.


Macomb Community CollegeEdit

Rating: 10

Date: June 2008

Comments: Big, individual desks, super-nice proctors who specifically said "We know today is stressful enough, we're not going to treat you like criminals" allowed us to use the bathroom, kept time with five minute warnings, were quiet, didn't walk around creeping people out, etc. No noise. Ample parking. I did not know this, but apparenly Kaplan thinks MCC is the third best in MI. Started and finished in good time.

Rating: 10

Date: December 2009

Comments: The desks were very large, I could spread my arms all the way out and not touch the edges. The test center was very quiet, and it did not take them long to fingerprint everyone. They called 5 minute warnings and end of section at the right times. The proctors were good, and it was obvious that they had done this before.


Oakland UniversityEdit

Rating: 6

Date: Oct. 2006

Comments: The main issue I had with Oakland was that they had completely inadequate directions to find our testing rooms. We were supposed to report to 106 (which no one could even find...) and they had a couple of signs around the building assigning us to specific rooms by last name. Some of these rooms were in a different building, and even the ones within the same building were confusingly located and hard to find. Keep in mind it was a Saturday so there weren't many students around to give directions or anything. This is not something one needs right before the LSAT... Within the room (each was different, I can only describe mine) there were these superlong desk things where we were placed one apart. We had plenty of space on the desk. The proctors were fine but not super. My dad dropped me off, but they had a big parking lot right next to the building. Started and ended in okay time, after we finally found the rooms (other than the SEVENTEEN people who got lost/switched centers/didn't show up...)

Some people I know took it at Cooley in East Lansing and said they were really nice, even put out breakfast... don't think anyone ate it though, lol.

Minnesota Edit


St. John's University (Peter Engel Science Center)Edit

Rating: 9

Comments: Testing is held in a tier-seating science lecture room. The room is in the basement and, with thick cement walls that are painted white and no windows, rather dreary. These thick walls, however, block noise from the outside and distractions are minimal. Testers take the LSAT on long tables, not desks, so there is plenty of room. Bring your own clock, as the one in the room is difficult to view from some positions


University of Minnesota (Rapson Hall) Edit

Rating: 10

Comments: People split into groups of 20-25, large table desks, padded chairs, lots of room. Parking ramp (pay).

University of St. ThomasEdit

Rating: 9

Comments: Long desks and each student got two seats or more. 15-20 test-takers per room. Well lit. Nice, ergonomic chairs. Decent number of bathroom stalls - would have been an issue if the other rooms weren't on slightly different schedules. Nice proctors - gave out pencils.



Western New England College School of Law (S Prestley Blake Law Center)Edit

Rating: 10

Comments: Testing is held on the second floor in separate lecture classrooms. The amount of table space given to each tester is immense, and would even be more than adequate if the given room were populated to capacity. The chairs were comfortable, the lighting was perfect, and the temperature was very comfortable. The entire test center was quiet. There was a clock on the wall. The only downside to this test center is its location- if testers are unfamiliar with the area, the streets of Springfield can seem chaotic. Regardless, I would opt to test there again. NOTE: I accidentally placed this new Massachusetts category in the wrong place, alphabetically, and would appreciate it if more experienced wiki writers could move it to its correct location.


Boston University (Law Auditorium, 765 Commonwealth Ave)Edit

Rating: 10

Comments: Testing is held in all different rooms of the law school, as BU is a huge test taking center. Test takers should arrive early, as room assignments are given 30 minutes before the start time. The proctors did very well at keeping the test takers informed and were actually quite funny and seemed to keep people at ease. In the auditorium, the clock was in the back of the room, and the temperature was a bit chilly, although comfortable. The chairs are auditorium / movie theater style and there are desks that pull out from the chair in front of the test taker. There is plenty of room on the desk and adjacent desks, however, for materials. The test started about 30 minutes after the start time, but was finished within four and a half hours. The best place to park is at 808 Commonwealth Avenue. It is a BU parking lot that charges only $8 and is a five minute walk to the law school. As the parking lots at the metro stations outside of Boston charge $7 and it is a $2 ride one-way, this is an easier and less-risky option if test takers don't want to rely on public transportation. For those needing coffee, there is a Starbucks two blocks from the parking lot in the opposite direction of the law school.

Rating: 0

Date: December 2009 Comments:

That was not my experience at all. At my administration the test didn't start until 90 minutes after the reporting time because it took so long to divide the test takers into two groups and then get them through the credentials line. Because the wait was so long people kept having to go to the bathroom. There was construction work going on outside, on a Saturday. The room that I went in was a dimly-lit auditorium with staggered seats at the "desk" part of what you write on coming from the seat in "front" of you, but because they're staggered, it's actually diagonal, making sitting really awkward. The writing surface was also way too small to have the booklet and answer sheet next to each other on it. The writing surface also had a pit in the middle of it from where it hits a screw in being put up against the back of the chair it's attached to -- very distracting. I got seated under one of the few giant lights in the room, which meant that everything I could see on my writing area was either too bright to read easily or obscured by the shadow made by my head. The proctors did not seize a cell phone from someone in the row ahead of me, and the woman next to me bounced her leg up and down like an excited 2 year old throughout the whole test. I am almost positive that they proctors ended each section 1-2 minutes early (yes I had a watch and checked it at the start of every section). Also, you know how test prep people tell you to flip through the LG and RC sections as soon as they start, in order to look for the game/passage with the largest number of questions to do first? Well doing that aroused the suspicion of a proctor, so I had to spend one and a half sections with this guy hovering over my shoulder, making sure I wasn't cheating. Between all of these problems I ended up scoring 9 POINTS LOWER than on a practice test I took just two days earlier. There is no excuse for LSAC to put people in those testing conditions, none!

Rating: 8

Date: June 2011 Comments:

My experience at BU was overall a good one. I was teasted in a room with about 36 other people in a Lecture hall with seating for 100. It was well lit and I had plenty of room at my table to spread out my test materials. The room was on the 8th floor of the BU Law School Tower and was quiet. The Proctor used an electic, alarming timer that was accurate and gave accurate 5 minute warnings. To get to BU, I highly suggest using mass transit as there is a Green Line stop nearby.

The main downside of this testing location is the large number of people who take the test here. The ticket said show up by 1230. I showed up at 1210. I got in one line (starting outside) to find out what room I was in, another line to get on the elevator, and then one line to get checked in to the room. The test didn't actually start until after 130 and we didn't finish until after 530. This annoyed several students who thought they would be done by 430. Considering that BU handled 1000+ test takers (I don't think this is an exaggeration), it was well organized but they should let you know on the ticket.

To the person who gave the location a "0" I would say that if you have a problem with the desk you are in, you can bring it up to the proctor before the beginning of the test. They will usually reseat you if its not unreasonable. It also sounds like you expect the lighting to be perfect and no one else in the room to make a sound. If you are easily distracted, the LSAT is not the test for you!

University of Massachusetts - Boston (McCormack Hall, 100 Morrissey Blvd)Edit

Rating: 6

Date: October 2010

Comments: : Tests are taken in classrooms with high-school type desks (desk attached to chair). If you had anything other than the exam booklet and answer sheet on your desk, it required some acrobatics and balancing acts to keep everything on your desk - while taking the exam. However, the proctors and the woman who seemed to be supervising the proctors were very nice. The exam room was a little cold (October), but not frigid. It was relatively quiet during the exam except there was a little bit of sound leakage between classrooms, so I could hear the timer and proctor in the other room, and while we were taking the second part of the exam, the classroom next to us went on break and was noisy until someone asked the proctor to ask the other room to quiet down. Access to the test center was reasonably acceptable since there is a shuttle that leaves from the Campus Center to the nearest T station (JFK/UMASS). Admittedly, the wait for the shuttle did take a while, as did the wait for the next train.

Suffolk University Law School (David J. Sargent Hall, 120 Tremont St.)Edit

Rating: 10

Date: June 2011

Comments: : Awesome test center. Proctors were professional, and the classrooms (new law school classrooms with connected desks in a horseshoe shape) were good. Chairs were comfortable, and there was enough space on the desk. The only downside is its proximity to Tremont Street, which can be loud at times.


University of Nebraska, Lincoln - East CampusEdit

Rating: 10

Date: September 2009

Comments: Good facility. My test had about 100 people taking it, and the room easily accommodated everyone. Desks were metal and seated two comfortably with lots of room for each person. Chairs were fine and the chair height in relation to desk height was good (important if you're short). Proctors were competent and no-nonsense. Noise was minimal. There is a cafe outside which is nice during the break. Can't review parking, since I was able to walk from home, but it's Nebraska so there is parking everywhere, I'm sure! parking was good mate.



University of Nevada RenoEdit

Rating: 10

Comments: Huge desk area, well lit-room and well organized proctors, very close bathrooms.

Las VegasEdit

University of Nevada Las VegasEdit

Rating: 9

Comments: long but not wide desks, good light, ok proctors, close restrooms. A bit stuffy testing room, but good.

New JerseyEdit

North BrunswickEdit

Seton Hall South Orange

Rating- 3

Date - Oct 2010


Dont take the test here, the exam started after an hour, the desk was a chair with a really small desk attached to it and the chair was so small i couldnt even fit in it, DONT TAKE IT HERE .......GO ELSEWHERE.

Seton Hall South Orange

Rating- 5

Date - June, 2013


Only two people checking in many, many students. Line wrapped around the entire downstairs. Exam started well over an hour late. Some of the rooms used for the exam looked great - good sized tables, plenty of room to spread out. However, the room I was in was the lecture hall the first poster mentioned, above. Small chairs - I felt bad for the larger folks trying to fit themselves into those chairs. Tiny desks that barely held the answer sheet alone, never mind anything else. It was awkward, trying to balance the test booklet and the answer sheet and etc. I felt I wasn't moving as quickly through the test, due to the small desk. Note that this room had no visible clock. 

Good things was that there was free parking, the hall where the test was held is not a far walk from the parking, the building has vending machines on the second floor, there are plenty of bathrooms, and the building is air conditioned. 

Ramada Inn (On Rt 1 South)Edit

Rating: 9

Date: June 2009

Comments: The test center was easy to find, and there was free and abundant parking. I know this was a back up center, so I am not sure that it will be used in the future. The conference room was huge, and students were placed at either end of approximately 8 foot long tables. The tables were a little bit flimsy, but that only became a little annoying when either student at the table had to erase. The proctors were very nice and helpful. One problem was that at the 15 minute break everyone rushed the restrooms, but there was only one men's and one women's restroom and only three stalls (at least in the women's restroom). This created a line that lasted almost the entirety of the break. The only other issue I can think of was that it was freezing in the conference room where we were taking the test, and they just kept turning the air up. I would recommend layering if you're going to this center. Otherwise, I thought it was a great center.

New YorkEdit


South Shore High SchoolEdit

Rating: 10

Comments: Punctual, 20 people in classes, easy parking.

Rating: 6

Comments: I agree with the comment above, however, the reason why I have to subtract some points from SSHS is because of my proctor. For one section she announced 5 minutes too early, which threw me off. She also opened chip bags during the exam, munched loudly, etc. Some guy (I think the overall supervisor?) kept coming in and out, opening and closing the door. At one point, the proctor was on her cell phone lol. 

Brooklyn College, New Ingersoll HallEdit

Rating: 2

Date: September 27, 2014

Comments: Not punctual at all. They made us stand waiting in a hot hallway for an hour and half. We didn't start until well after 10 because of the number of people and incomptence of the procters. The procters made test takers throw out snacks (large ones like sandwhiches). The classrooms was large and uncomfortable, music played during the last two sections which was horrible and you could hear people talking on the quad.

The people proctering were prob doing it the first time, they didn't know when to read what.

The desks were half desks, so your papers couldn't even fit on them. It adds another layer of stress and made logic games especially difficult. (I usually don't miss any and am convinced I missed a few because I couldn't diagram.


Medgar Evers CollegeEdit

Rating: 10

Comments: Very professionally run test center - puntual, clear, and courteous folks running it, and very comfortable test taking setting (desks divided into little cubicals).


SUNY Buffalo North Campus, Natural Sciences ComplexEdit

Rating: 8

Date: December 2008.

Comments: About 40 people wrote in each lecture hall which could accommodate a couple hundred, so plenty of space. It was pretty cold, but the proctors seemed to be trying to get that fixed during the test. Proctors in general were very professional and non-intrusive. Plenty of desk space, they were long tables with only a couple people at each one. Chairs weren't the best, they were attached to the desks and kind of squeaky, I had to try not to move too much. Things started on time and finished around 1:30.


Saint John's UniversityEdit

Rating: 4

Date: December 2008.

Comments: They were not the most organized…needed to switch rooms around because of no heat in one room…and started late which might be a plus for some. Bathrooms are either really convenient or inconvenient depending on which room you are in. Parking was easy (might not always be the case). Flip-up desks are smaller than the test booklet. Desk surface is not smooth which affects bubbling.

LSAC must ban flip-up desks. I made my complaint and you should too if you encounter them. This is the only consistent complaint on this site and in other surveys. I don’t consider the LSAT a standardized test when some have proper large tables while others can’t even keep the test booklet open without supporting the booklet with their arm/knee.


Queens College, FlushingEdit

Rating: 8

Date: June 2009.

Comments: The rooms were big and there was plenty of room to work on the tabled at the break to the proctors and they tried to get it turned off but it was only at the end of the 5th section did that happen. Sitting under a vent meant having your papers blowing up, which could be annoying. The proctors were the biggest distraction, though. A lot of talking and misinformation, which led to a long delay in starting the test. They were very good about allowing people to go to the bathrooms, which were very close to the test rooms.

New YorkEdit

Columbia UniversityEdit

Rating: 5

Comments: Seemed there were too many LSAT test takers or we were moved because of the SAT II test takers, but were placed in an auditorium with pretty cramped seating. Proctors were quick/efficient. Desktop pulled up from arm rest, slightly smaller than the LSAT booklet.

Rating: 7

Comments:The exam took place in the business school. We were in a small lecture hall with long tables to work on. However, some people had to sit next to each other, which meant some elbow-bumping. Proctors were efficient and knew what they were doing. While the clock wasn't visible (it was located behind us), the proctor gave a 5 minute warning.

Rating: 7

Comments: I took the October 2010 exam in the business school. We were in a lecture hall with long tables. People were seated next to each other, but there was still a good amount of room and the chairs were comfortable. However, clock was in the back of the room, so not visible unless you want to crane your neck around and look like you're cheating. Proctors were not great - timer went off 10 minutes into section two. In section four, no five-minute warning given. Also, check-in took forever and the woman who apparently was in charge was screaming at everybody, including our two proctors, which was not great for the test-takers' already shattered nerves. The room itself was quiet, clean and comfortable and there were even vending machines for those who wanted soda or better snacks. If we had better proctors, it probably would have been a 10.

New York Law SchoolEdit

Rating: 8

Test Date: October 2015

Comments: New York Law School is a very new building, so new that it doesn't feel like a law school, but rather like an office building. Regardless, the important thing is that the classrooms in which the October 2015 test was administered were beautiful. You could say the actual testing conditions were ideal. We had large desks, comfortable ergonomic chairs, and plenty of space. I was in a room with ten other test-takers, in a classroom designed to seat about 40 students. It was perfect! 

However, there was one MAJOR issue with this test center: they did not allow anyone to access the restrooms prior to checking-in to the test. Despite numerous pleas and complaints from test-takers waiting in line to check-in, people were told that they had to either (1) use the restroom after the start of section 1 (an awful and self-destructive choice for obvious reasons); or (2) go across the street to the Starbucks and wait in line with the 100s of other test takers to use the one single restroom (another self-destructive choice for obvious reasons). In fact, the test administrators were actually advising people to go across the street, wait in line with 100s of other test-takers to use the one single restroom. I am not sure it was legal for the test administrators to be advising people to do that, but this is something to be aware of for this particular test center. Someone I was standing next to in line mentioned she took the test at this site in June 2015 and they were allowing people to use the restroom inside NYLS prior to checking-in, so there may be some discrepancy between test administrations, but don't count on being able to use the restroom inside the test center. 

Rating: 7

Comments: Moved here from NYU because there were too many people. We were divided into three classrooms. Originally I ended up with a different class and was horrified to find the desktop pulled up from arm rest, slightly smaller than the LSAT booklet. I thought all law schools would have large desk-not true. I realized I was in the wrong class(they were divided by alphabetical order) and when I went to where I belonged, the room/desks were much much better. Proctors were slow and very nice. Noise was minimal even for NYC. About 45 people per class.

Rating: 8

Test Date: September 2009

Comments: I was waitlisted in NYC and this was extra the test center LSAC opened. The environment was great, ample table space, about 50-60 people in a classroom, and very nice facilities. The proctor said she has been doing this for years yet she talked about the test being pass/fail and told people they could not cancel after the test was done, only during (she advocated raising your hand and saying it out loud?!). She and her assistants were whispering and walking around and it was very distracting. Apart from the proctor's lack of knowledge, (she also told people if they had alarmed timers just to "keep them quiet") it was a good place to write the test.

NYU Law School Edit

Rating: 2

Comments: Due to proctor incompetence we were drained before exam started. It took over 2.5 hours to alphabetically sign in and seat a group of 200+ people into one concert hall. The proctors sat on the stage and were inaudible. The room was very dark, with high ceilings and low level recessed lighting (Great if I was there to see a show/play but devastating for a reading intensive exam). Tired by the time the test actually rolled out as most of us had been sitting in a dark room for hours and had already eaten our snacks/lunch. Frustrated that most test takers had to look to the person next to them to confirm directions as nobody could hear proctors properly. Only good point was planty of work space. Sincerely do NOT recommend this testing site. Rating: 7

Comments: I was happy with my experience once the exam started, but everything leading up to it was irritating.  We were divided into 3 classrooms, but my room had long tables to work on and everyone was separated by at least one other seat, which was great and comfortable.  But before the exam... ugh!  We were allowed in at 8:30, waited a half hour for the proctors to get there because they had trouble distributing the materials to the proctors.  And then the proctors could not agree on how to seat us for almost an hour.  They also insisted on thumb printing us in close-to-alphabetical order, which I'm certain is not a policy and is something they did because they thought it would make it feel more efficient.  So seating took forever and then they have that rule that you can't go to the bathroom when you've been seated until after the start of the first section.  So I ended up losing some time on my first section running to the bathroom, which I can own as bad planning on my part, but if the exam started in a more timely manner I don't think it would have been as bad for me.  Luckily, section one was my weakest section anyway so I don't think it's the end of the world for my score.  Some students complained of a buzzing noise on the other side of the room, which the proctors addressed initially but quickly dismissed when they could not fix the problem.  So I would not be surprised if a number of people were unhappy.  I don't think we started the exam until just before 11.  I didn't get out of the building until 3.  But frankly I was just relieved the desks were a decent size.  I would honestly take the exam here again if I had to.

Downtown Marriott HotelEdit

Rating: 8

Comments: Comfortable bathrooms, provided with water, and seating with large tables. Large rooms, seats approximately 150+ per room. Tables are made of wood and shake easily.

Pace UniversityEdit

Rating: 3/10 (POOR)

Comments: (October 2015 exam) EXTREMELY SMALL DESKS. The proctors decided not to use the large desk lecture hall style rooms, and instead crammed 25 students into small classrooms. The desks were so small that a letter size (8.5"x11") piece of paper is larger than the desk. If you take the LSAT here, prepare to be folding over your test booklet. This will cause severe disadvantage during the logic games and RC sections. I would never take the LSAT here again.

Rating: 10

Comments: (October 9, 2010 exam) Very professional. Seating began just before 8:30 AM and test-takers were put in small classrooms with 25 or so people in each. Proctor was generous in allowing bathroom breaks while he read the rules. Individual desks with folding workspace extensions; plenty of room to work with. Brightly lit room at a fine temperature. All in all, an excellent environment that allowed full focus on the test rather than on outside factors.

Rating: 10

Comments: Easy commute. Proctors were knowledgeable, helpful, light hearted/sense of humor, timely in manner and efficient. Groups split up into 30-40 test takers per classroom allowing individual workspace. Rooms brightly lit.

Rating: 10

Comments: Easy subway access, large, bright and clean facility. Quiet and easy to see the clock. Plenty of workspace (lecture hall with long tables for each row and we sat in every other chair). Punctual, proctor was competent, helpful, and even a little funny. One caveat - I was near the front of the line, and was thus in the main room. I'm not sure if the other rooms are quite as nice, but just make your way to the front and you should be fine.

Rating: 7

Comments: This was several years ago. Took the LSAT on the same day that Pace was also hosting the NY state teacher certification exams, so there was a bigger crowd than I expected and only when I got inside did they sort people into separate lines. Also, there were no direction signs to find the bathrooms so budget extra time for that. I took it in a classroom and not a lecture hall, and the seats were the ones with attached desk surfaces, which would have posed problems for me as a lefty but they were able to provide me with a left-sided seat.

Rating: 9

Comments: I was near the back of the line - the first 100 people were put in the big lecture hall and the rest of us were divided into small classrooms of 20. Our proctor let us take an extra bathroom break at the beginning, which was really nice.

Rating: 10 (June 2010)

Comments: Just took the June 2010 LSAT at Pace, and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Ditto on the easy subway access (A/C/E, 4/5, etc). I arrived to see about 100+ other test-takers there, but they split us up into smaller classrooms of 13-15 students, which was much less stressful and intimidating. I only had 13 students in my classroom, and the proctor (only 1 in the room with us) was very professional. She kept a digital timer, gave us a 5-min warning before the end of each section, and we had 10 seconds between sections to breathe. There was absolutely no noise disturbances, and we got a full 15 mins for break. Because of the small number of people, it only took us about 15 mins to start the test - very little waiting compared to other test centers I know. There was no clock in the room. The seats were the kinds with attached desk surfaces, which was not too big, but enough to fit the test booklet and the answer sheet. I actually also used the desk beside mine because I needed space to put extra pencils/erasers, which the proctor was fine with (again, another benefit of having few test-takers in a room). I'd def recommend this test center for other test-takers - no drama, no incompetence, and nothing to stress you out because the LSAT is already stressful enough.

Eleanor Roosevelt High SchoolEdit

Comments: It was a great test center. Everyone should request it. The Test started promptly at 9 am. I was in a class of 20. I had a big desk to work at and the proctor was great. She was very accomadating.

(Sept 09) Rating: 9 This is a terrific test center. Our group was in a chemistry classroom and each person had a large, 2-person desk/table to themselves (there were people who arrived at the end who were put in different rooms, just to insure that every person had plenty of space!) Proctor was terrific; all was run smoothly. Our test started at about 915 - I think there were 18 people in our group.

Rating: 9

Comments: Wonderful experience. Took February 2014 exam. Even though it was freezing outside, test center was perfect temperature. Test takers were divided up on different floors. I was assigned to a science room with no more than 10 or so other people. We each were given a huge table to take the exam on which was a massive bonus. I would have been able to take a nap on top of the table if I had wanted to. Other than that, the environment was dead silent except for the proctor's 5 minute warning alarm. Strongly recommend this test center. 

Metropolitan PavilionEdit

Rating: 6

Comments: The process leading up to the test was very annoying. It was a chilly morning and we had to wait outside until about 8:25 (many of us had been there pretty early), when they finally started to let people inside the building. Now, keep in mind that the line to get in stretched half an NYC avenue block and wrapped around the corner. They allowed people in 15 at a time so they could enter an elevator to go up to the Gallery floor, where there was another line to get checked-in and fingerprinted. This whole process took about an hour and a half. The test finally began at 10am. The room is huge and stark white, almost distractingly clinical. There was minor construction noises throughout the test and also traffic could be heard outside. Proctors were congenial for the most part, although heavily-accented instructions were a little difficult to follow. They were willing to extend the rest break to accommodate the large amount of people in the room to use the bathroom. However, it took a long time to collect and redistribute our test booklets due to the size of our group. All in all, though, it was not a bad experience and I think everything was done in the name of efficiency. It just wasn't ideal.

Rating: 9

Comments: Took the December 2011 one here-- I guess this isn't a popular testing date because I got there at about 8:25-ish and there was no line. You have to ring the buzzer at the door and they'll let you in-- they put everyone in this giant room on the 5th floor w/ 4 or 5 columns of tables that seat 2 each and stretch back maybe 20 or 25 rows (I'm not super good at guesstimating). Test started at a little past 9 (after filling out all the preliminary bubbles like name and such) and I got out at about 1:30.

Pros: Not freezing like every other indoor space; break was pretty significant-- 20-ish minutes, AND they allow you to go out and smoke during break? SUCH a godsend.

Cons: The room is massive and there's 1 mic-- sometimes one of the proctors will speak w/o using the mic and you'll have no idea what they said-- this only screwed me up once when I didn't hear anyone call the 5 min warning and thought I was killing this section when I really wasn't...avoid the back of the room if you didn't bring a watch with you; also, there is only one bathroom on the floor (that I was aware of)-- it has 3 stalls. I didn't use the bathroom during break, but I imagine that line sucked (for girls anyway).

Long IslandEdit

Long Island University, Brentwood, NYEdit

Rating: 8

Date: 12/3/2011

Comments: It was a good testing site, probably depending on what room you ended up in. Some of the rooms had smallish desks. Biggest downfall - we could hear the proctors speaking in the room next to us during the section and the hallway noise was decent. Overall though, it was pretty good and the proctors were efficient and nice!

Suffolk County Community College - Riverhead, NYEdit


Date: 9/26/09

Comments:  Exam was in the Shinnecock Building. Adequate desk space (individual desk, not table, big enough to fit both pages of test book). Proctors were good, kept accurate time. 25 people in a room. Efficient. Got there at 8:30 started reading directions at 9, test ended around 1:30. Proctors walked around the room a little, but it wasn't very disturbing.

A little cold in the room, but not a big deal. Noise level was low.

It was kind of hard to find the right building - I would recommend getting there a little early. Parking is easy (and free) right outside the building (I can only speak for the Shinecock building - but it seemed like parking would be easy all around).

Islandia Marriott HotelEdit

Rating: 9

Comments: Easy access, the hotel is right on the Long Island Expressway at exit 58. Parking was a breeze, plenty of spaces. Test takers were seated in groups of two at 1 foot wide, by 5 foot long tables. There was plenty of room to spread out your testing material without disturbing your neighbor. When we got in the testing room there was construction being done outside and there was loud Christmas music playing in the lobby that we could hear. The staff was very accommodating. They turned off the music for the duration of the test. We were also informed that the construction would stop before the test began, however it did go on into the first section just a bit. I wasn't too bad because once they stopped that was it. This center would have received a 10 except for the proctors. They were pretty unorganized with handing out the materials and getting started. They allowed test takers to have cell phones in the testing room. One test taker even had his phone in his ziplock bag. This test center is very good for left handed people as it gives you enough room to spread out instead of taking the test on a tiny desk.

Hofstra University Edit

Rating: 9

Comments: The exam was at Breslin Hall. Parking was easy and there were plenty of spaces. At first there was a huge line but at around 8:40, they quickly separated everyone into smaller groups, each filling one classroom. The classrooms were midsized auditorium style with desks that extend across each row. There was plenty of space for test materials. Seats were somewhat uncomfortable and shaky. Rooms were quiet and the temperature was perfect. I would recommend to anyone. I was deathly afraid of the tiny old school desks. Proctors were quick to start the exam and accurate with timing.

I also took the test at Hofstra.  Everything in the above is true, unless you were placed in an upstairs classroom.  There we had the dreaded desks, most of which were slanted and small, I had the test booklet on my knee half the time.  Although I might note, one test taker requested a change of classrooms and they quickly accommodated her.  Other than that the center was much better than the previous place I took the LSAT, Farmingdale, which has low flying proppeller planes landing at the adjacent airport (very distracting).  If in the future you take the LSAT at Hofstra, get in line ealry to get a spot in the Lecture halls downstairs with the long desk rows.

I took the September 2009 exam at Hofstra. The test center had more than enough desk space and the light/noise level in the room was good. When you arrive at the test center walk down toward the end of the hallway if it is at Breslin Hall so that you are in the front of the line to be broken into groups. I would recommend a test run to the site, because it is a little confusing to find the parking lot.

Rating: 9

Test Date: December 2009

Comments: Nice place to take an exam. Good parking, if you get a lecture hall, they are comfortable areas to take exams in terms of space. Proctors were nice, 5 minute warnings were given. Organized, quick processing. One caveat, it was really cold for me. I suggest dressing extremely warm if you take the test, the proctors claimed the room is usually cold, even in the summer.  At Breslin Hall.

Rating: 8

Test Date: Feb 2010

Comments: The biggest thing that Breslin as going for it is the stadium designed lecture halls on the 1st floor and the long and ample desks that go across each row. There are no clocks, so unless you just want to rely on the proctor's five (5) minute mornings then bring an analog watch with you. The bathrooms were accessible and seemed to have enough occupancy to handle the 200 plus people taking the test on the 1st floor. I would like to echo the 1st reviewers point that the chairs that swinging seats weren't too comfortable but at least they weren't cramped.

Long Island UniversityEdit

Rating: 4

Test Date: October 2010

Comments: Adequate experience up until the 4th section, after returning from the 15 minute break. The college’s Marching Band casually started practicing full blast outside some time around noon. Luckily the windows in our room were open which helped to supply fantastic acoustics. Our proctor looked shocked and confused, but decided to sprint outside to yell at them only after considering the situation for about 20 minutes. Did I mention that this was during the exam’s only Logic Game section, which happens to be my favorite and strongest section?Edit
Rating: 7
Test Date: Oct 2010
Comments: Surprised to see the lack of organization given that the guy in charge proudly proclaimed that this is one of the most popular testing centers on Long Island; you'd think they have the hang of it.  Around 8:30 we were asked to make two lines inside of Breslin Hall. People who were in the front got stuck in the back because there was no method to the madness.  One of the auditorium style classrooms was filled with a person in every other seat.  I'm a former HU student and I think the Breslin classrooms are great: big tables, tons of room.  So I was quite surprised to see that after they filled the room, the rest of the people were moved to another building even though Breslin Hall has a hallway filled with these identical, large and comfortable classrooms, alongside the one that was used.  I was in one of the last groups that to be moved to a small building, with a small classroom, no wall clock, and small desks.  The desktops weren't the tiny flip-up style ones, but still small, and in my opinion plain stupid given the large scale and availability of Breslin classrooms.  There were also complaints of no left-handed style desks.  Furthermore, when we arrived at our classroom, there were students already seated and the proctor had started to go over the administrative directions.  She had to stop, check us in, and start all over.  I can see that she too was surprised by us being moved there.  I personally liked the small classroom environment, and the proctor was very nice and easy going which seemed to ease the tension a bit.  This is why I gave the overall experience a 7.  But the lack of organization was quite annoying and really delayed the start of the exam.


Pace Law School (White Plains)Edit

Rating: 8

Comments: The initial wait for registration and room assignment was somewhat long, but once we were in our assigned rooms, everything was perfect. Semi-circular desks and plenty of space. Competent proctors and a lenient break policy. It was a great experience overall.

Pace University (Pleasantville)- Lienhard HallEdit

Rating: 4

Comments: I've taken the LSAT at Lienhard Hall twice, once in Sept of 2009 and again in December of 2009. The biggest problem I've encountered when taking my two tests there is the uncomfortable seating/desk arrangement that I had in the 3rd floor auditorium. The theatre seats don't give the test taker much room with very small flip-up arm desks/tablets. I made due by flipping open the desktop next to mine, using that as well for my pencils, erasers, etc. Either way, it is a problem when an LSAT booklet cannot lie open and flat on the less have any space for your answer sheet. A lot of times I found myself having to take the booklet off the crowded table and hold it closer to eye level. Also the clock situation is not good in the 3rd floor auditorum, the clock is only visible to 30-40% of the room, since it is located directly behind those sitting in the center of the horseshoe shaped seating area. Those sitting to the right and left can see it, but please bring your own watch for better timing. The proctors are ok, none of them will be cutting you any breaks, but they are fair and by the book. The noise/light situation is fine.

Because this is a nursing school, there are less men's bathrooms than there should be for a hall that is accommodating over 100 testakers. Lines especially for the mens bathrooms cut into your free breaktime. The two mens bathrooms are on different floors from where the majority of the students are taking the exam (3rd floor auditorium). Parking is fine and ample, but the hall isn't the easiest to find on the Pace campus if you haven't been there before. So if you are taking the test here, plan a test run to make sure you'll know where you are going on test day. The other thing is that if you don't have a car and/or don't drive, this location isn't ideal. Since you can't bring a cell phone inside the building, you can't call for your ride to pick you up after the test. There are no payphones, so you will have to borrow someone elses cellphone in the parking lot. I hope this helps.

Rating: 5

Comments: Took LSAT there October 2010. As said before, biggest problem are the small flip-up desks. About half the testtakers were taken to other classrooms - I don't know if that was any better, but it probably was considering how small these desks were. Very problematic for RC section. I knew about the desk situation in advance, but most people didn't, which led to a lot of whining and a delay before the test could start. Long lines for bathrooms. I got a seat on the side, so I could see the clock, but about 1/3 of room couldn't. Hard to find hall if you don't know where you're going. Also, on Saturdays only the third entrance (gated) to the campus is open.

Proctors were fine. One tried to tell me I couldn't have my wallet in my plastic bag, but I told her I could and she let it go. Was very long test because of the delay caused by all the complaining - didn't get out till around 2.

North CarolinaEdit


Appalachian State UniversityEdit

Rating: 9

Date: Sept 2009

Comments: Started right on time, test had started by 9:05. Only 15 people in my classroom, with two proctors that did their job perfectly. Very pleasant people to deal with for 5 hours. Made the process as painless as it could be. Desks were a little on the small side, but definitely manageable. Also, students taking the test were very relaxed and added to the atmosphere of the exam.


North Carolina Elite Career Services CenterEdit

Rating: 10 (Overall) 8 (Building) 9 (Administration)

Date: June 2010

Comments: This was an AMAZING experience. This test center gives each person an individual cubicle with an overhead fluorescent light to work with. The desk has plenty of space on it to work. The only negative is these cubicles are used for computerized testing as well so there is a monitor on the back of the desk but it is barely noticeable and the plus of the privacy of an individual cubicle far outweighs the minus of a small monitor. They give you plenty of time to get prepared and were great with the administration. We started the test a little early (~12:20) and got out by 5:00, which is incredible. The place is a little cold so bring a light jacket if you get cold easily. If you are planning on taking the LSAT anywhere in NC TAKE IT HERE!!


Charlotte School of Law Edit

Rating: 9

Date: October 3, 2015

Comments: The testing center is a little hard to find, it's in downtown Charlotte on the 10th floor of a building. When you enter the building, you take the escaltor up (the escalator will be on your left as you enter the building). Once you get off the escalator you wait by the entrance of where it says "Charlotte School of Law." A little bit after 8 o'clock the test proctors will come an swipe you into the school of law and you take the elevator up to the 10th floor, where you get into 1 of a couple lines based on your last name. There are a few different classrooms where the test is administers, usually they have rows of long tables. You sit at every other seat of each table. The classroom was well lit, clean, and you have plenty of space for all of your things. It was fairly quiet, but it is in the middle of the city so you can hear the traffic below. It's a little confusing to find, but once you find the testing center everything is smooth. Nice bathroom, nice proctors, nice classrooms, everything is new.

Johnson C. Smith UniversityEdit

Rating: 2 (Building), 0 (Administration)

Date: Dec. 2008

Comments: Why zero, you may ask. They moved the testing center from the library to another building far away with absolutely NO notice, and NO signs visible from the driveway. I had actually called the library director the preceding afternoon, and she confirmed the test the building and the room number of the test. And of course, I checked with LSAC's Web site. So I did my part. I get there twenty minutes before, and the library is empty, no cars in the lot, all the windows dark. Eventually, I find a security guard to ask, and she tells me the new location. By the time I get to the registration desk, they've already begun reading the instructions. The lady at the desk apologizes for the last-minute change (making her a wonderful human being, no doubt). The main proctor herself reads the. instructions. as if she has. never picked. up a phonics book in. her life.

The desk tops are literally the size of an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper, if not smaller. In the adjacent room, there's some sort of gathering of JCSU students making a minor racket. At one point, a proctor opens a door at the back of the room leading to the adjacent room and asks them to be quiet -- without first entering the room and closing the door behind her -- causing a bigger disruption than the kids themselves. And, of course, she slams the door after doing so.

You better believe I wrote LSAC a letter. A polite but firm letter.

Belmont Abbey College Edit

Rating: 10

Test Date: June 2017

Comments: The LSAT was administered in the auditorium of the science building. No issues with noise as the college is in a pretty quiet part of town. The auditorium had long tables that stretched from end to end so there was plenty of space to work. The head proctor kept time on a countdown clock and always called the 5 minute warning, so timing was not an issue. Bathrooms and water fountains are very close to the auditorium. Very well lit. Got started at around 1 and finished at around 5:15.


Duke--Measurement, Inc.Edit

Rating: 10

Date: October 2010

Comments: The test started relatively on time and the proctors were fantastic! They handled the whole thing very professionally and inspired confidence in me. Also, the other test takers at the location were very laid back and relaxed and did not add to the anxiety at all. The room itself was perfect temperature, about 75 people with two people to a large table (plenty of room). The whole process was VERY QUIET with no distractions from proctors or anybody else in the room. This is an outstanding place to take the LSAT if you have the opportunity!


North Carolina State University -- McKimmon CenterEdit

Rating: 9/10

Date: Dec. 2009

Comments: The test is administered in several large rooms in the McKimmon Center and you are separated into conference rooms based on your last name. It's well organized and enough proctors knew what to do so registering, etc. was straightforward. There are a lot of students at the site (probably around 300) and I think there were about 75 students to a room. That being said, it's not crowded in the rooms at all. Each person had their own desk and the chair wasn't attached to it so there are no issues for left-handed test takers. The desk itself gives you plenty of room to lay out all of the materials without being crowded or anything leaning off any edges. I lucked out and sat in the front, so I wasn't really distracted by anything around me. The main reason I rated this test center so high is the sound quality and lack of windows! There was a big conference going on in another part of the McKimmon Center but since we were down the hallway, we couldn't hear anything. Also, since there aren't any windows, that limits the chance of getting distracted by construction (this IS NC State), people walking around or making noise outside. There's also ample parking and signs marked pretty clearly telling you where you need to go/be. The proctors in my particular room were good, no complaints for them. Also, the clock was on the back wall of the room so you can't exactly pay attention to that (but you're supposed to bring your own analog watch anyway so that didn't bother me).


Wake Forest UniversityEdit

Rating: 9

Date: Sept. 2009

Comments: The test is administered in the law school, which is a nice, but dated building. Overall, everything went just as I expected. The proctors were reasonably nice and followed the LSAC rules rather well. The classroom was one I would expect to take a 1L class in, and was a good climate with mildly comfortable seating. If I were to retake it, I would do it at Wake Forest again.



Raymond Walter College (University of Cincinnati) Edit

Score: 9.5/10

Comments: Plenty of parking and wide desks so you can put all your stuff out. Not too many people in one room. Great proctors. Just some random noises and there were some kid yelling at the very end. Aside from test takers not many distractions. Hoodies were told to be tucked in. Not a great clock put at the front, but was visible.

Overall really great!


Denison UniversityEdit

Score: 9.6/10

Comments: The visitor's parking garage was connected to the test center building and the room was ridiculously easy to find. The checking in process was smooth and couldn't be any easier. The test took place in a lecture hall and students were placed in every other chair, leaving a significant amount of writing space available for the students (probably a 5'x2' area). The temperature, aesthetics, and lighting of the room was highly conducive to test-taking, absolutely no complaints. The two proctors were laid back enough to not make a big deal about people needing to remove their hoodies, yet were still effective, courteous, and helpful.

My only complaint might be that the clock wasn't entirely visible to every student, though this wasn't a problem for me. I had my watch and a good seat.



University of Oklahoma Main Campus (Dale Hall)Edit

Rating: 9

Comments: There were about 8 separate rooms divided up by last name, with about 60 in the room I was in (imagine same for other rooms, except the accommodated testing room). Proctors were not too bad, generally held to all of the rules and though they read a little slowly, we proceeded through the instructions in an efficient enough pace. Room was decent temperature. I am originally from the north east, but OK natives may have found it a tad cold. Quiet environment...

Lawton Edit

Cameron University Edit

Rating: 10

Comments: There was one room with 14 people in it. That's right, 14 people. The proctors were very helpful and very clear. Asked repeatedly if anyone needed pencils or tissues or other materials. Room was quiet and a comfortable temperature. Each person had a table, not a desk, to themselves. Time announced clearly. Done and out the door at 1:15. Definately worth the drive vs. OKC.



Bucknell CollegeEdit

Rating: 2

Test Date: Feb 2007

Comments: Bucknell has a very nice campus and great facilities, including some modern comfortable classrooms, but they chose not to use them for the LSAT test. We were led to an old dark auditorium where were given lap boards (seriously). It was completely ridiculous. Taking the LSAT on a lap board is not only somewhat difficult, it is infuriating that an institution like Bucknell would make you do that when there are so many other rooms that could be used. I highly recommend avoiding Bucknell for the LSAT.

Rating: 1

Test Date: Sep 2014

Comments: I am in utter disbelief that Bucknell chooses to administer the LSAT in one of the least conducive venues on campus. It is held in a dated auditorium with seats that have flip desks that maybe fit a single 8.5x11 sheet of paper. The seat I had in particular had a wobbly "desk" and, after hearing other students complain of the same issue, the proctors handed out lap boards that clumsily fit across two seats unevenly. The lighting in the room was awful, with half the room in darkness for the first half of the test while the other was blinded by the morning sun shining in through the windows. Admittedly I was quite flustered while taking the test, but I could have sworn one section ended a minute prematurely. If you're thinking about taking the LSAT in the area, go up to Williamsport or so, I imagine it cannot be any worse than Bucknell's conditions. If you are a Bucknell student, heed my advice: It is not worth the convenience of taking the test on your own campus. I may have had a short walk to Vaughn Lit from my dorm, but if I could do it over I'd spend my $200 elsewhere.


Swarthmore CollegeEdit

Rating: 8

Test Date: December 2008

Rating: 2

Test: June 2010

Comments: Parking is a breeze in the regular Dupont Parking visitor lot. Proctor is very relaxed and easy-going. Room is a large lecture hall. Seating was every other seat. The desks are those pull-out lecture hall desks. So there was not enough room to have both the test booklet and the answer sheet on the same desk (although you could have the answer sheet on the desk next to you and bring it over when needed).

Test didn't start till 3 PM. Then Proctor forgot to give 5 minute warning and I think he was shorting us on the test sections. He tried to be too entertaining and basically screwed up administration of test. I thought he would have started timing when he said to turn the page, but apparently he started when he began reading the lengthy directions, because my time was 4 minutes longer than his time. I got a 161 the first time at Cheyney University, which was less comfortable but much better administered, but this time I left 6 blank on first section alone and will have to cancel my score!!! I will go back to Cheyney, not Swarthmore. I complained to LSAC.

Villanova Edit

Villanova UniversityEdit

Bartley Hall (Villanova School of Business) Edit

Rating: 6

Test Date: June 2011

Comments: I think I was in an engineering building on the main campus, to the left-back of the cathedral if you're facing the cathedral. 1) Proctors were super anal. The air conditioner came on 5 minutes after I chose a seat and was blowing right at my head. There was still a line of people checking in at the door so I tried to move desks - none of us had received test materials yet - and they wouldn't let me! What?? The room is 1/4 full, there aren't test booklets, I'm freezing, and I can't move desks? So I was sneezing the entire time the AC was on. They were really strict about every little rule. 2) Desks were attached to chairs, not enough room to see both test booklets at once. Think about transferring answers at the end to save time. 

Rating: 8

Comments: Parking situation didn't appear great, take a train if possible. Ample bathroom facilities. Proctors originally tried for every other seat, but there were too many people. Mostly every seat was occupied, but the tables were big enough that it wasn't too cramped. Chairs were fabric ergonomic desk chairs. Not uncomfortable, but squeaky!!!

Clock clearly displayed. Most people followed the rules (one or two hoodies, nothing major).

Ok lighting, ok proctors, not much noise.

Rating: 6/10

Test Date: June 8, 2009


Really uncomfortable chair (one of those straight-backed wooden chairs... my back was killing me by section 4)... The A/C was set at 85 and all of the windows were shut, but the proctors didn't realize the AC was set so high until during section 5! We had to request to have the windows opened even though the male proctor was sweating through his shirt. I'm thinking of cancelling my score because it was hard to concentrate with the heat.

The building is nice but the proctors were idiots and the room was ridiculously hot. There was plenty of parking. The clock was propped up on the ledge of the chalk board and easy to see.

Rating: 9

Test Date: June, 2009

Comments: Great location to write the test. About 20 people in my classroom, lots of table space, good room temperature, and very nice and efficient proctors. It was quiet and started on time.


Duquese University, Hanley School of LawEdit

Rating: 8

Comments: Tables were used with an empty seat between each tester, allowing plenty of room. About 20-25 testers per room. An analog clock was put up at the front of the room, but a digital clock as on the side wall. Proctors helpful both times I've taken the test. Parking is easy, but you do have to pay. The Bathrooms are close to the classrooms. I really don't think I could ask for a much better test center.

University of Pittsburgh, David L. LawrenceEdit

Rating: 8

Comments: Friendly, organized proctors - brought a clock to place at the front of the room. Plenty of space, with a skipped seat between each tester and only about 25 total in each room. Downside: squeaky chairs - one person's chair even broke during the middle of a section. Overall: good.


Lafayette CollegeEdit

Rating: 9

Comments: pros - great proctors, plenty of desk space, convenient parking, large bathrooms, perfect temperature; con- building is a bit hard to find if its your first time.

Rating: 9

Comments: Large room and nice lighting. The proctors are great. I actually go to Lafayette College and I know they have fixed the lighting condition in the room just for LSAT. I am really grateful that I took my test there.

Philadelphia Edit

Drexel University, Earl Mack School of LawEdit

Rating: 8

Date: October 2010

Comments: Drexel is a good place to take the test. Each student gets lots of desk-space. Roughly 25 people per classroom. Administration is done smoothly enough; the chief administrator is very strict and follows the letter-of-the-law. Don't bring a cell-phone.

I was bothered when occasionally the two proctors in my room would start "quietly" chatting with one another at the front of the room (they were Drexel students who knew one another). Between the 1st and 2nd sections, I asked them to please stop. They were quite courteous; they apologized and remained silent for the rest of the test.

In October, my testing room was rather warm b/c the heat was on. I was fine in shorts/tee-shirt, but otherwise I would have been hot.

The building is really easy to find (on Market btw. 33rd+34th). On Saturdays, $7 all-day parking is available in a Drexel garage accessible from Ludlow Street btw 33rd+34th.

University of PennsylvaniaEdit

Rating: 5

Date: June 2012

Comments: Started very late (1:45pm), students put into many smaller rooms. Desks were tiny and people were very cramped together. Test ran all the way until just after 6pm. Bathroom only had 2 stalls (women's) so long lines during the break. At the time I took it, there was also a physics conference going on so it was very loud during the RC. Proctors timed using analog watches and whispered a lot/ walked around too much (in a way that was distracting).

​University of PennsylvaniaEdit

Rating: 8

Date: June 2009

Comments: pros -Organized and efficient, began at 1PM. Large classroom with stadium seating and room-length curved desks and students spaced every other seat. Comfortable chairs. Divided into 3 groups of about 30 people each. Quiet. One supervisor with 2-3 assistants, so distributing and collecting materials was quick. Lighting was fine. Building is easy to find.

cons - Extremely cold inside test room with no way to control the temperature. Proctor was not the most competent in the world (took awhile to figure out how to use the timer and messed up the 1st 5-minute warning).

South CarolinaEdit


University of South Carolina (Moore School of Business) Edit

Rating: 9

Date: Dec. 2008

Comments: Plenty of room with comfortable seats and great lighting. Very professional and prepared proctors. Excellent organization and time management.


College of CharlestonEdit

Rating: 9

Date: Dec. 2008

Comments: I was in the large auditorium on the Education Center. HUGE desks and plenty of room. Room temperature was perfect and there was plenty of lighting. The proctors were good and not too strict. The only problem was occasionally people would be yelling/laughing very loudly outside. Mildly distracting, but not too bad.


Furman University Edit

Rating: 2

Date: Feb. 20015

Comments: You could either be in a room with nice desks and plenty of room or in an auditorium with the tiny fold down desks. If you are stuffed into the auditorium, there will also be a student on either side of you and you will invariably bump elbows with one another during the test. Proctors acted unprofessionally and seemed ill prepared. They talked throughout the entire test and had great difficulty reading the instructions. Even when asked between sections to keep the noise down, they continued to be a disturbance. There was frequent walking in and out of the room during the test and one of the testing coordinators came in during the middle of a section and conversed audibly with our test proctors which was a great disturbance. When I took my LSAT two months ago, the official timer was malfunctioning and as a result we all had 5 minutes less on each section. When we report this problem to the proctors, they refused to believe us. I think they probably did not even bother to check the official timer with another clock as they were instructed to.

Tennessee Edit

Memphis Edit

University of Memphis Edit

Rating: 8

Test Date: December 2013

Comments: Large desks, lots of space including those indentations for pencils. Only about 10 students per room, with plenty of space between each person. Nice proctors and the rooms felt fine, even in December. Parking across the street. Rated 8/10 due to the railroad tracks nearby, and one or two trains were heard going by during testing.

Nashville Edit

Vanderbilt University Edit

Rating: 9

Comments: Very nice facility with large tables and lots of space to work on. In the past there have been complaints about proctors talking during the test and a flashing fire light in one of the rooms, but these are problems that have not and do not happen often

Tennessee State University Edit

Rating: 4

Comments: Small desks.

Its 50/50 here. Some students get to test in a room with big conference tables and chairs, while others have to test with tablet desks that are not large enough to fully open the test booklet. They were unbalanced causing pencils and timepieces to roll right off of them.

Middle Tennessee State University Edit

Rating: 10

Comments: Students divided into groups of 10 based on last name.  Only 10 students per classroom.  Each student seated at their own conference table.  Comfortable chairs.  Proctors were kind enough to wear rubber-soled shoes so as not to make noise while walking the aisles. Excellent consistency on timing.  Very nice building (KUC) with clean restrooms; unfortunately difficult to get to on campus if you're not familiar (one-way/closed/dead-end streets, etc).  Some girls found the A/C a bit chilly.

Knoxville Edit

University of Tennessee Edit

Rating: 6

Test Date: December 2009

Comments: Test was administered in a law classroom, with no spacing between students. Heater was working too well. Proctor (in my room) did not wait for everyone to fill in all their bubbles during the initial setup (before the test). Proctor was also rude about saying pencils down before candidates had finished filling in information the front of the writing prompt. The door knob in the back of the room rattled.



Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic DevelopmentEdit

Rating: 0 Edit

Date: December 2012 Exam and February 2013 Exam

Comments: This was a terrible testing experience in both December 2012 and February 2013.  A device built into the wall beeped throughout the entire exam during both December and February.  I filed a complaint after it happened in December with LSAC thinking it surely would not happen again in February if they were made aware of this.  I chose to go there again because I was by then familiar with the place.  However, this was a big mistake.  It happened again in February before the exam even started and I notified the test administers of this (as if they couldn't hear the loud persistent beeping coming from the wall for themselves).  They repeatedly tried to "shut down the system" but it did not work.  They made no offer to move us to another classroom.  This device built into the wall had something to do with the projection system in the classroom I believe.  Absolutely unacceptable that this happened twice.  Now I have to take the June LSAT and hope that my dream school will look at it since it's so close to classes beginning.  They just don't understand how important the LSAT is with respect to getting into law school since there is no law school associated with this community college and they're pretty much just trying to make a buck administering this test.  DO NOT TAKE IT HERE!  They just don't care if you get a fair testing experience or not.  Ridiculous.  I also like how they were reading the rules from LSAC about how students are not allowed to tap their pencils during the exam because that could be distracting to other test takers while there's a loud beeping noise coming from THEIR wall the whole time.  That's rich.


Prairie View A & M UniversityEdit

Rating: 9

Date: December 5, 2009

Comments: This was an excellent facility. First, parking was a breeze, there are three small parking lots adjacent to the building in which you take the test, so no need to worry about that. the test is administered in an huge class room with stadium style seating. There is one long table for each row, and an empty seat on either side of you, so there is plenty of room to spread out. The proctors were professional and didn't distract you by talking amongst themselves. The only reason this didn't get a 10 is because it's kind of far from Houston, but the quality of the facility is worth the drive, especially compared to other options like TSU and UH.

Rating: 8

Test Date: June 2012

Comments: Prairie View was fine. A long drive if you live in Houston, but bring tunes along to jam in the car and it's fine. In my room, I had loads of space, and the proctors were pretty competent (although we started late because about 200 people showed up for the exam). The bathrooms were literally right outside the door. The one thing I will say is it's REALLY COLD. I'm really glad I visited beforehand so I knew to dress warmly. Some poor people were in shorts and tank tops! Otherwise I took no issue.

Rating: 7

Test Date: June 2012


Getting there: Make sure you leave plenty of time to arrive or do a test drive there before the exam if you are taking 1488. My GPS and directions printed from Mapquest both referenced a left turn off of 1488 on to a street name different than what was posted at the intersection and the road looks more like the driveway to a ranch than a public road. There was only one handwritten sign for parking that I initially missed because I approached the lot from the opposite direction. Just look for the small parking lots directly next to the testing building. I also missed the handwritten sign indicating the testing building. Don't be confused that the EE OBanion building has a large stone sign right outside of it calling it something like the "College of Natural Science Building".

Test center: I was in a large lecture hall. Plenty of desk space.

Test administration: The proctors were probably the worse aspect of the test center. Check in and passing out of the test books was slow and inefficient so everything ran late. I didn't get out of the 1pm exam until about 6:30pm. Make sure to consider that this may happen and bring enough snacks, depending on how early you ate lunch you might want to have a snack before the exam while waiting for all the late comers to get checked in too.

Texas Southern University Edit

Rating: 9

Date: December 19, 2009

Comments: This was the only testing center for the December 2009 administration to have its test canceled due to inclement weather the day before the exam and rescheduled 2 weeks afterward.  Despite the possible confusion, TSU handled the special circumstances quite well.  There were SAT takers along with all the LSAT takers that day, so the parking lot behind the New Science Building where the test was administered was full.  However, it was relatively easy to find parking in the neighborhoods around the school.  The test was administered in a class room with stadium style seating with one long table per row.  All the chairs were attached to the tables.  We were spread out one chair apart so there is plenty of room for all.  There were at most 20 test takers per room.  The proctors were extremely professional and followed proper procedure.  The room temperature was perfect, and the bathrooms were clean with relatively short lines (even for the women's) before the test and during the break.  This building is relatively new (as the name suggests) so it didn't have the nuances of a squeaky old building.  However, some of the chairs attached to the long table were squeaky, and I was afraid it was going to be an issue, but once the test started, but the people who were sitting in them took care to be absolutely still as to not disturb others.  Aside from the parking issue, I would highly recommend taking the test here.

University of Houston Edit

Date: June 7, 2010

Comments: I arrived at the testing center quite early, so there was ample parking. The only negative critique I have for the whole experience regards the signage directing us to the testing rooms--it was taped next to an elevator in the building called out on the LSAT ticket, and directed us to various other buildings/rooms according to last name. Okay, simple enough, but since I'm not a student here, I had no idea where the referenced buildings were. I had to wait for other test takers to arrive who DID know their way around this part of campus. There were two rooms of test takers on my floor, so there was a wait at the restrooms during our break, but nothing horrific. Everything else was smooth and pleasant. The stadium style room was large and quiet. We were seated at long tables, every other seat, so there was lots of room to spread out. The proctors were friendly and easy going and mostly quiet during the test. One of them even brought extra pencils, just in case! I would highly recommend taking the test here.

  Date: February 2012

Comments: I arrived early, parking was no issue. The test was supposed to take place in Melcher Hall, but they directed those with last names towards the beginning of the alphabet to a small building behind the hall. The desks were tiny (too small to fit the answer sheet + booklet on). Also, the proctors let people come in VERY late - they didn't start reading instructions until almost 10. We weren't able to leave until about 3 pm. Starting so late was absolutely terrible. The proctors did a good job of announcing the 5 minute mark, but were way too lax. I couldn't believe all the people they let come in late. Overall 3/10.

Date: October 2012

Comments: Parking - no issue. Got to take the test in Melcher Hall (I think - the school of business I believe). The desks were long tables that were really close to each other. That was perfect, lots of room to spread out your test and answer sheet. The only issue is that the tables were so close together passing anything out and collecting anything took forever because the proctors were too fat to squeeze through. Overall, 10/10.

Date: October 2013

Comments: I regret choosing this location for my testing center. The location was changed the night before from the law school to the business school, which was terrible because the lecture hall we were in was extremely hot and had the worst desks ever. It affected so many people's performance trying to test on such a small desk that could only either the booklet or the answer sheet. Everyone in my row had trouble during Logic Games and ended up canceling their score because they knew how bad they did. The only positives about the entire experience were the proctors who followed the time per section very closely and were efficient, and no parking problems. Overall 3/10 (just because of the seating)

San AntonioEdit

San Antonio CollegeEdit

Rating: 9

Date: June 8, 2009

Comments: Overall very good. Test started on time, proctors weren't terribly hawkish, small classroom with only 15 test takers. The only knock was a relatively small desk, but it was still managable.


Huston-Tillotson CollegeEdit

Rating: 2

Date: Dec. 2008

Comments: Miserable. I canceled my score it was so bad. People were allowed to eat during the test, leave the room at any time, timing was the only rule followed. The restroom line was so long during the break I had no time to use it- disgusting facilities anyways. The desks were so tiny I couldn't place my answer sheet next to my test booklet or even open both pages of my test booklet on the desk- about the size of one sheet of paper. It was also packed full of about 35 students in a tiny classroom, which was terrible uncomfortable and very loud with people entering.exiting as they wish and eating and drinking the entire time. The proctors also whispered back and forth non stop.

Rating: 5

Date: Sept. 2009

Comments:  Not the best experience.  The room was hot and stuffy.  The desks were so small I dropped my answer sheet trying to look at the reading passage and answer questions on the opposite page.  The desks also had extremely uncomfortable wooden seats that my back and backside hurt the whole time.  The proctors were great.  Nobody was allowed to eat or drink. 

University of Texas Edit

Rating: 8

Date: Sept. 2009

Comments: Pretty good experience. The test was on the day of a home football game, so parking was very difficult to find, all meters and garages reserved, etc. I had to pay $18 to park at the Convention Center and walk pretty far. At least one person got turned away at the door about 5 minutes after we'd started filling in the basic information on the bubble sheets. That must've been heartbreaking. Arrive ridiculously early so that doesn't happen to you! Administration of the entire test was in University Teaching Center, which has some very large classrooms with the crappy folding armchair desks. I was in a smaller room with about 25 people, so I got lucky. Desk space was very ample (a relief after reading some of these ratings), with two seats skipped between each test taker. The room was a tad chilly but not bad, since I expected this and dressed for it. The lead proctor was good, seemed experienced, made some jokes that put us at ease. My water bottle didn't fit in my plastic bag, and nobody got up my ass about it. The biggest drawback was that the clock was behind everyone and could not be conveniently viewed at all. BUY a cheap analog wristwatch if you don't own one, and bring it with you, like I did. It also helps to practice with it so you get a geometric sense of what 35 minutes look like as they elapse. I would've been screwed without my watch. Still managed to botch the test enough to probably take it again in December, so I'll be back here, and not Huston-Tillotson due to reviews above. Bathrooms seemed not sufficient for the needs of all the ladies on our floor of the building.

Rating: 9

Date: Oct 2010

Comments: Very good experience, overall. Arrived via taxi about 15 minutes early at the University Teaching Center -- someone was outside guiding us to the first floor or upstairs (which I found helpful -- the first test I took [at another test center] there was no one to guide us which I found anxiety-inducing since I don't attend that school!). The hall outside the testing room was already packed when I got there, so the wait time was pretty substantial; however, it's better to be among the last people in -- you can run to the bathroom one more time before you go in and are "stuck" there. I would estimate that the first people in had to wait an hour before the proctor even began reading -- ugh. While I saw 3 or 4 people allowed in with hoodies, we weren't allowed in with chapstick. Ok, whatever. The room was large with stadium style seating and long tables; we were sat every two seats or so, lots of room; the chairs were fixed-height seats that swing to/from the table -- I found them very comfortable. The room was quiet and was at a comfortable temperature. The proctor was a little imperious, but he was efficient -- once the train got going, we raced through in record time. There was a digital clock at the front of the room and the proctor was good about calling 5 minutes. I took an analog watch with a bezel so I wouldn't have to do any math (!) and that worked out well. There about 5 proctor's aides and they walked around a lot but I never even heard a peep out of any of them while we were testing. At the break, the lines were REALLY long at both bathrooms, but if you can hold it for 7 minutes into the break, the bathrooms will both be empty! The only complaint I have, and it's not even something I should have hoped for, was that this proctor didn't allow us to take nips out of our water bottles in between sections like the proctor for my first test did. On the other hand, I don't think the breaks between sections were ever more than 20 seconds, so I wouldn't have had time anyway.



UVA - Mechanical and Space Engineering BuildingEdit

Rating: 9

Comments: Desk: PLENTY of desk space. You first arrive into a large room and then are divided up by last name into smaller rooms. Compared with Liberty in 2007, it took a little longer to get things going as we did not start until around 9:30 and ended around 1:30.

Proctors: Excellent; honored all my requests including shutting the door before starting, brightening the room by adjusting the dimmer, and even allowed me to sit directly under a light b/c I can concentrate better that way (even though the room was about the same brightness after the adjustment) and I wanted an end seat. Called 5 and gave us time in-between sections - only about 15 seconds though. Electronic beeper for section ending. Allowed bath room breaks during section and smoking outside, though they had to accompany you. So smokers, this is your place! Liberty did not allow any of surprising though, right?

Noise: Not bad; there was a really squeaky desk up front where two people were sitting, and the students and proctors were considerate of that. So, we didn't start until that desk stopped squeaking.

Parking: I got dropped off, though I think there was decent parking a little further up the road and directly across from the end of Thornton Hall.

Complaints: Kind of chilly, found my fingers cold after the first 2 sections. I was nearly under the vent though. Also, two bathrooms each with one stall.

Rating: 8/9

Comments: Desk: PLENTY of desk space. We sat at long table/desks with 2-3 seats between us, so there was plenty of room to spread out your stuff. There was no one sitting at the desk in front of me, so it was pretty distraction free, too.

Proctors: Pretty good, but not outstanding. They did a lot of going in and out of the room during the test (there were 4 of them in my room), which was distracting, but they didn't walk around the room much (or I didn't notice if they did), which was nice. Also, one proctor brought a cough drop to a girl who had a coughing attack during the fifth section, which we all appreciated, I'm sure. The proctors were pretty understanding about people getting there a minute or two after 8:30, and allowed those with cell phones to put them in another room. Hoodies were allowed as long as the person didn't have the hood on his or her head, which I think makes sense.

Noise: Not bad; the door opening and shutting and the girl coughing were the only things I noticed. In fact, it was so quiet that I jumped every time the proctor called the 5 minute warning, even though I was expecting it.

Parking: I got dropped off too, so I couldn't say.

Complaints: Cold! Lots of people complained about it being uncomfortable to take the test wearing a coat but too cold to take it off. I would recommend wearing thick socks and a scarf. I wore a big scarf and took my coat off, so I was comfortable. The lack of bathrooms was especially a problem for the women taking the test. The line was down the hall. Other than those two small things, it was a pretty smooth administration, no major complaints.

Rating: 9 or 10
Test Date: Oct 2010

Overall everything was as it is supposed to be. They have all LSAT takers meet in one room and then split the group 3 ways using last name with A - H staying in the initial room, the remainder being split between two other rooms, one of which was in another building. I stayed in the initial room so I can only comment on that one. It was well run, the test got underway by about 9:30. I, along with a good number of others, were sick and so there was certainly some coughing and sniffling but that is unavoidable at this time of year. The test is given in a 60ish person lecture hall that has tables, which was perfect after they seated us in every other seat, I had enough room to have my test book open and answer sheet next to it along with my pencils and timer watch, with space to spare. The room was kept fairly cold, however I had read about this beforehand so I wore sweatpants over basketball shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt with a warm sweater over it and was the perfect temperature. The proctors were uptight about the rules only so far as it made sense, they didn't worry about things like carrying ID during the break but said they would dismiss anyone with a cell phone etc. Overall I highly recommend this test center, I travelled 4 hours to view the school and take the LSAT there and would say it was absolutely worth it. Also worth noting if you decide to take it there I recommend checking to be sure that there isn't a home football game that day as I could imagine that would have presented some more issues. If you decide to travel there to take the test I recommend the Doubletree, its a 10 minute drive away and is comfy, clean, quiet and has large desks for some last minute prep the night before.

Lynchburg Edit

Liberty University Edit

Date: December 2009

Rating: 6


Proctors were pretty organised. Start was as swift as could be expected. Test takers were split into three rooms, with about 30 folk per room. We had three proctors keeping watch, they walked about the room frequently but were not too distracting. Despite there being nothing on the University website to say so, there's plenty of permit free parking available on Saturdays.

The con - and it's a big one - were the desks. Fine if you're taking notes in a lecture, but a letter sized board attached to the chair simply isn't sufficient for the LSAT. You had to keep your answer sheet under your test booklet while you worked, and on reading comp, you could not see the passage when working on questions on the right hand page. Take triangular pencils, they're less likely to roll off the desk.

Springfield Edit

Northern Virginia Community College - Springfield Medical Education Campus Edit

Date: September 2009

Rating: 8


Sign-in: VERY slow line for fingerprinting; I arrived at 8:15am and didn't get seated until 9:15, even though there were only about 100 people taking the test at this location.

Facilities: Clean, well-stocked bathrooms very close to test rooms.  One main testing room was an auditorium with no windows and long tables.  This room filled up before I got through fingerprinting, so I was in a nearby overflow room with only about 12 other people.  Very quiet.  Nice new building with an outdoor patio that was great to have a relaxing moment during the break.  Temperature in the testing room was comfortable.  There was no bathroom line when I went about 10 minutes into the break.

Desk space:  I was in the over-flow room, so we had PLENTY of space to spread out.  I had an entire table to myself.  The main testing room was filled to capacity, with one person in each fixed-position chair, and it looked a little more cramped with two people to each long table.

Proctors:  Didn't seem especially confident about their directions, but they did handle the timing accurately (unlike my last LSAT experience!) and carefully counted all the answer sheets to make sure everyone was accounted for.  They were very quiet during the test; the only time I noticed they were even in the room was when they walked around the perimeter periodically, but this wasn't particularly distracting.

Noise: As mentioned above, proctors were very considerate and quiet. Only noise in the room was a cricket that was either in the room somewhere or right outside the emergency exit, but I didn't even notice this sound after the first couple minutes.  I guess it was like having a nature soundtrack on or something. :)

Parking: Very easy.  Free garage parking super close to the testing rooms.  Easy access I-395, I-95, and the beltway.

Complaints:  No windows in my test room, and the overhead lights were very dim flourescent.


Central Washington UniversityEdit

Date: June 09

Rating: 7

Comments: Desks were large and had unattached chairs; Clock was easily visible; Proctor seemed unsure of many rules and had a hard time answering procedural questions, she also started sections at random times using her own timer so it was relatively difficult to gauge the time remaining using the clock

Everett Community College Edit

Date: September 09

Rating: 9

Comments: Large desks with relatively comfortable seating, excellent lighting, good temperature, full view of clock. Bathrooms are near the testing rooms with plenty of bathrooms so that the break time rush to the bathrooms is not chaotic. Proctors use digital stopwatches to guarantee accuracy in timing. My only complaint was the check-in process seemed a little confused, the administrators did not seem prepared for the volume of test takers.

Date: October '10

Rating: 10

Comments: Wide, spacious desks, comfortable chairs, well-lit, comfortable temperature, perfect view of the clock. I even got a window seat. Bathrooms were accessible. Proctors were pleasant and competent. Highly recommended.

Seattle Central Community College Edit

Date: September '09

Rating: 10

Comments: Professional and unobtrusive proctors; clock clearly visible; enormous full length tables with a minimum of one space between each student; overall baller experience.

Seattle UniversityEdit

Date: Dec 10

Rating: 4

Comments:LSAC pulled a fast one on all of us that relied on review sites such as these and instead of putting us in the usual law school classrooms they shoved the entire group of test takers in one giant ballroom. My table was terrible - I shared it with someone and the leg was off so the table wabbled as me and the other person shifted weight on it. The noise sucked because the building was right next to a busy street and all the windows were open. Not less than 4 times was everything interrupted by a LOUD blaring of police sirens driving by. We had one set of bathrooms to serve the entire 200+ group so the entire rest period was spent in line. Proctors fucked up and didn't take my test at the end of the fifth section leading me to believe I had done something wrong for the entire writing sample. I may retake at SeattleU and take my chances to get the better center, otherwise I'll have to pass it up to Everett.

Date: June 08

Rating: 10

Comments: In a law school classroom with long tables instead of desks, comfortable chairs and a clearly visible clock; Proctors had clearly done this before and were knowledgable and considerate; everyone in Western Washington should take the test here it was ideal

Date: December 2009

Rating: 10

Comments: SU is the best LSAT test site in Seattle, by a mile.  We were seated in semi-circular law school classrooms with good chairs, excellent lighting, and plenty of desk space.  The classroom had a double-door arrangement, preventing any noise or distractions from outside.  Three proctors per room assured an orderly and well-run event.  SU is a very popular test site, so arrive early and expect long lines at registration.  To get assigned here, be sure to register early for the LSAT.  (Late registrants are often reassigned to UW instead.)

University of WashingtonEdit

Rating: 6

Comments: Tiny desks, proctors were quite intrusive (made me uncomfortable as they walked by), quiet room, comfy chairs, well-managed.

Date: June 2009

Rating: 8

Comments: I was assigned to the overflow room, which (oddly) is much better than the main testing room.  The overflow seating is a ballroom in the "HUB" (the student union building) filled with 6-foot desks, with just one student per desk.  You'll have tons of space.  Four downsides: the chairs aren't great, you're seated much too far away to see the clock, the lighting is not wonderful, and -- most important by far -- there is no way to guarantee you'll be assigned to the overflow room.  If you're sent to the main auditorium instead, you're screwed, because the desks there are tiny.

Date: December 2009

Rating: 4

Comments: The test room has auditorium-style seating with those tiny little flip-up armrest desks.  You won't have room for the test booklet, bubble sheet, and timepiece, which is a huge inconvenience.  Avoid this test center like the plague!

Whitworth UniversityEdit

Date: October 2010

Rating: 10

Comments: Located in Spokane, Washington. Pleanty of nearby parking on campus and easy to get to. Every student had a small desk to themselves with enough space to spread out comfortablly. Room only had space for 25 test takers, so checking in and getting ready were fairly stress free. We finished before 1:30 pm. There was one class going on across the hall at the same time as the test, but they did not make a noise and were not distracting at all. The proctors were pretty relaxed about the whole thing and allowed more freedom than I expected. Also, they were obviously familiar with administering the LSAT. The room itself was on the third floor and had it's seating facing away from the windows for the most part so distractions from outside were not a concern. The room was just a tiny bit on the cool side but it was not a problem (better than being overly warm and sleepy) and the proctor offered to adjust the temperature if needed. Bathrooms and water fountains were just down the hall and we were allowed a final chance to use them after checking in and before the start of Section 1. There was a standard analog clock on the wall and the offical time was kept with a countdown timer application on the proctor's iPhone.

Washington, DCEdit

Washington Convention CenterEdit

Rating: 2

Comments: 400 people in one room, AC was set to freezing, and the proctors were pretty disorganized. The proctors got a standing ovation when we finally started 1.5 hours later than we were supposed to; that should give a good indication of what it was like. i think this was the first year the convention center held the LSAT; i hope it's the last time.

American University Edit

Rating: 10

Comments: Very modern lecture hall. Prompt start. Organized proctors.

Rating: 9

Test Date: September 2014

Comments: This applies to the American School of Law building. The environment was perfect. All lecture-style desks (long tables, not the single-seat type) with comfortable chairs. AC was great, lighting was good, noise was non-existent. Parking was free the day of the test in the garage under the building. I was put into a large lecture hall with about 60 or 70 others. The only complaint I have was that only a single proctor was assigned to mark down our names, test book numbers and answer form numbers. It took almost an hour and 20 minutes after sitting down. We didn't get to start until 2 hours after entering the room which made for a very long test. The smaller rooms probably would have been advantageous in terms of time and bladder control. Seating was determined by time of arrival, so arriving early meant smaller room, which meant starting and finishing early. Bottom line, if I have to retake, I will retake in the same location.

**Update from Dec 2017 test taker: most of the above was true, including free parking! They had many different rooms, and mine only had about 20 people in it, and we had 3-4 staff checking people in and proctoring the exam. It took about an hour to get started (around 9:30.) Highly recommend this location.


Rating: 8

Comments: Nice big tables, comfy chairs but took forever to check in and begin. Some deductions for inefficiency. I didn't get out of the test until after 2:00. And after waiting 20 minutes in line to have my ID checked, I was pointed to a separate line for finger printing, I shit you not.

Proctors allowed several bathroom breaks before the test began. As long as you arrive in a zen state of mind and don't let all the holdups bug you, it's really worth it to test at GULC.

UPDATE 2009: Two lines no longer an issue. Testing site was awesome.

The Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel(1558) Edit

Rating: 3

Comments: I wasn't a fan of this test site. It took forever to get signed in (I'm sure that's the norm for the LSAT though.) I don't think we actually started until around 9:30am or 10:00am. The tables are pretty old/rickety and you have 2 people at each. Mine was so wobbly that I had to ask to be moved to another one (it shook every time the person sharing it with me wrote). The tables are about 1.5 feet deep and 7 feet long. I'd bet there were at least 300 people in my test site, so the bathroom stalls were CROWDED during the break. We were each seated directly behind the person in front of us. Distracting for those sitting behind snifflers.

Proctors themselves were good--called 5 min warnings, gave us a nice 15 min break in-between the 3rd & 4th sections. They were lenient with people who were dumb enough to bring cell phones, the wrong pencils/watches/etc. The test got out around 2:00pm. I won't be retaking it there.


The University of Wisonsin La Crosse Edit

Rating: 9.5

Comments: Big room with plentery of space, and a bathroom that is close. The procters were strict but knew the rules making it a reliable experience. There were quite a few people there, but they had enough room for everyone.

Marquette UniversityEdit

Horrible, taking the test on a half desk where you can barely open the entire book. Seats are very cramped. On one section in Oct. 2012, the proctor said there were 5 minutes left 10 minutes early, causing a big stir and much added stress even though I knew he was wrong.



University of Wyoming - Outreach (Center for the Arts)Edit

Rating: 9

Test Date: October 2011

Comments: I really don't think you can find a better testing location than the UW-Jackson. The test was administered in a room with approximately 20 large (3ft x 5ft) desks. When I was taking it, there were only 12 people including myself taking the test, so each one of us got our own large desk. The chairs were adequate. The proctor explained that she had been proctoring the test at this location for the past decade or so, so she was very familiar with the procedure. She was amenable to entertaining all of our requests regarding break length, etc. I felt very at ease taking the test here. If it weren't for hearing a few voices and baby-crying in the hallway during the 4th section, I would have given it a 10. Luckily, it was a very minor distraction and really had no bearing on my performance during the test.

Rhode IslandEdit


University of Rhode IslandEdit

Rating: (2)

Test Date: December 2009

Comments: Giving this site two points simply because the proctors were reasonable human beings. Called time on time, let somebody who arrived late take the test and didn't complain about hoodies or pencils. Had some confusion about which ID would be adequate and were concerned about a guy showing up with a passport instead of a driver's license. Hmm?!?! Meanwhile, rhe testing room was awful. Half-desk chairs with barely enough room to keep your pencils and testbook and answer sheet on the desktop. Noisy heating system. Only redeeming feature was a clearly visible wall clock. Can't recommend this site.


Brown UniversityEdit

Rating: (4)

Test Date: September 2009

Comments: Used big wide desks for testing, so plenty of room. Visible wall clock. Proctors called time in a reasonable manner. Easy access to bathrooms at break. I'm a student, there, however and should note that the room they use can be sort of chilly in the winter. If you aren't familiar with Brown's campus, I recommend visting the week before to figure out where the room is. I heard other people complaining that it was difficult to find.

INTERNATIONAL (Including US Territories) Edit


Hamilton, OntarioEdit

McMaster University Edit

Rating: 9

Test Date: Dec., 2010

Comments: Great experience. Arrived at 7:50am, was seated shortly afterwards. Proctors were professional, friendly and understanding. The testing room was great, comfortable chairs and lots of desk space (bench-type desks, two students to a desk). Two bathrooms close to the testing rooms, so the bathroom lineup went pretty quickly during the break. I was out by 12:45 thanks to efficient and conscientious proctors. Taking off 1 point for construction noise (I didn't hear it, but many people in my room did complain about it at the end of the test and the proctor recorded an official note).

London, OntarioEdit

Fanshawe College Edit

Rating: 9.5

Test Date: Sept., 2009

Comments: Excellent testing experience. Proctors were professional without being rude, and were very good about keeping time. Modern building; testing room was a standard classroom with large desks and comfortable chairs. Good parking outside building. Would definitely recommend this location, perhaps over UWO as it is likely to be less busy. Was out of the building by 2:00pm.

Rating: 9

Test Date: December 5, 2009

Comments: Very glad I picked this center. I'm from out of town - it was ridiculously easy to get to, right off the 401, free parking immediately outside the building. Proctors were professional but friendly (head Proctor a bit of a space cadet but v. well meaning) - kept good time, seemed fair. Room was a big classroom on the second floor - acceptable desks, comfortable chairs. A few desks were shaky (not mine) but they had bits of card and paper and so on prepared and fixed them all. There are lots of bathrooms with numerous stalls, so no waiting in break time. Test started around 8:45ish, and I was out by 1 or 1:30 :)


Rating: 6

Test Date: June, 2012

Comments: Disappointed in the test centre. Viable parking space available and parking was free, but that was the only plus. Proctors were slow, waited for 1-1.5hrs before exam began. It was very hot in the room, no A/C and windows open which let tons of noise in. One girl even fainted in the front row, possibly due to the heat. Try to avoid it, if possible.

St. Catharines, OntarioEdit

Brock University Edit

Rating: 9

Comments: Very relaxed, yet also professional. Clean big desks.

Rating: 1

Comments: Many students have noted extremely unprofessional proctors who talked through the entire exam, or listened to loud music while supervising. Taking the LSAT at Brock is not advised.

Toronto, Ontario Edit

Humber College Edit


Test Date: December 2009

Comments: Good test centre overall. Despite wearing layers, I felt a bit cold in the test center. Other than that, everything was great. No one was making too much noise, and the proctors were nice and helpful. Lack of pay-phones was incovenient. We're not permitted to bring our cell phones to the test center for obvious reasons, but it would be nice to have payphones around to call your ride, if you yourself don't drive.

Rating: 9

Test Date: February 2010

Comments: Great test centre! Organized very well, ran so smoothly. For all you lefties out there, they had a separate room for lefties. We had large desks and were very spaced out which was great. Humber has a lot of bathrooms. The proctors were nice and friendly, gave us the appropriate time warnings. One minor complaint- one of the proctor's cell phones went off during the exam. Other than that, no other problems. We were out by 1:20 (many of the other rooms were out even earlier).

As for the comment before mine, you CAN bring a cell phone if you're smart about it. The proctors do not frisk you, just make sure that you don't take it out before the test or during the break. I had mine in my coat pocket which was left at the front of the classroom. I took the battery out to make sure that it would be impossible for it to ring during the test. And there were also payphones.

Rating: 10

Test Date: October 2011/December 2011

Comments: This is the perfect location to write the LSAT without a question. Large, bright and well-ventilated rooms, and the tables are big enough for you to lay out everything you need even if you share a table with another person. October 2011 went like clockwork, while there were a few hiccups with people being in the wrong room during December 2011, but the centre is very well run and you'll be out by 12:30 or 1PM. Wear removable layers if you're taking it in the winter, as the room was pretty warm for December.

Proctors were very chill, and helped calm everyone down. We were allowed to go to the washroom after checking in, we were also allowed water on the desk as long as we didn't make a single noise with them, and they even said they didn't care about cellphones as long as it was totally off, tucked away in your pocket and you didn't take it out at any time.

If I had to make one complaint, is that there were some faint noises coming from another class in the same building, but it lasted for only a few minutes.

University of Toronto Edit

Rating: 9.5

Test Date: December 2015

Comments: Stanford Flemming Building - approx 100 people, individual desks that were about 3'X3' (larger than your average high school desk). Proctor was great and allowed us to drink water during the test and keep the water out of the plastic bag under our desk. The proctor also announced a last minute bathroom break before the test started and once everyone was seated, which I thought was nice and considerate (about 15 people got up at this time and only took about 5 minutes). It was winter and we were able to keep our jackets on the back of our chairs. Bags were to be kept on a table outside of the room. Room was quite, no windows, no outside noise. Test started around 9am.

There were 3 people that I saw with extremley wobbly desks that the proctors helped to level out/ swap for a new desk. The desks that were "levelled out with paper under the legs were not 100%) I would give the test centre a 10/10 but I know if it was me with a wobbly desk I would be frustrated so I give it a 9.5 overall. However, my personal experience was a 10/10.

York UniversityEdit

Rating: 8

Test Date: June 2010

Comments: Curtis Lecture Hall F - Seats 200 but was made to seat 100 for the test. Long continuous desk ensured there was more than adequate space, and no need to worry about anyone being too close. The only downside was the chairs, they were the plastic black kind, not the most comfortable, but completely manageable nonetheless. Room was a bit old but that made no difference. Proctors were friendly and were good at being quiet during the exam (maybe one or two times they left and came back, but nothing annoying). The room did get a bit noisy at once because there were some people in the hallway but that is expected given the lecture hall's location in the main lecture-hall building on campus. Parking was $14 but it was easy to get to the centre, so all in all, an 8 from me.

Rating: 5

Test Date: June, 2009


Lecture hall seating with fold out wooden desk.  My test form, answer sheet and pencils couldn't all fit on the desk, so we ended up spacing ourselves so everyone had two little desks for their stuff -- very inconvenient.  Also, when the desks are folded out, people can't leave the row without others getting up and letting them through.  Sitting at the end of a row, I had to get up three times during the test to let others pass to go to the bathroom and come back through, which affected both my time as well as my concentration.  This was at the Science and Engineering Building, which also tends to be ice cold during the school year, and as I found out, also during the Summer months.  York tends to crank up the air conditioning in the new buildings, so make sure you bring a sweater.  Also, parking ranges from $9 to $14 at York.  On the plus side, though the campus is outside the Downtown area, it is still very accessible via the TTC, YRT, Go buses and trains, and if you're driving, it's hassle free coming from the 400, 407 or Hwy 7.

Rating: 7

Test Date: Dec., 2008

Comments: Many (few hundred) test takers, lecture hall setting. While most of the test takers were able to get a slide out desk in front of them, a few individuals were stuck with small "folding-desk" tables. Proctors professional and on point.

Rating: 10

Test Date: Oct., 2011

Comments: Wrote it at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. The building was recently renovated so it was a superb location to write in. Everything was new and clean. There were several rooms available, and there was a maximum of 20 people per room, which meant that everyone had a lot of space to themselves. I didn't have anyone sitting directly beside me. The chairs and tables were comfortable as well. The proctors were diligent and helpful. Nobody was distracting, and everyone was very professional and courteous to one another.

Queen's Collegiate MississaugaEdit

Rating: 9

Test Date: October, 2013

Comments: I went into this after hearing mixed reviews, but honestly there was nothing wrong with it. Started a bit late, but not excessively. Proctors were diligent. Desk space was more than ample (desks were the kind you can find at Costco -- the large grey folding tables -- 2 seated per table). Noise level was nothing more than people writing a test. People were split into smaller rooms so max 25-ish per room. It's possible that other rooms had worse conditions, maybe? Otherwise though this was a great test taking experience.

Rating: 2

Comments: TERRIBLE LOCATION!! Very few people are there but the desks are really uncomfortable (meant for elementary school children), its still cramped because the rooms are small. THE LOCATION IS NEXT TO A BUSY PARKING LOT AND THE WINDOWS WERE OPEN WITH CARS STARTING UP EVERY FEW MINUTES .. TERRIBLE!!!!

Rating: 1

Test Date: December 2009

Comments: This was an awful place to write. As previously said, the desks were tiny and uncomfortable. The rooms were small and cramped. Upon first arrival, the people who signed us in were extremely rude. There were about 5 rooms in which people were writing the exam and they staggered our start times so that each room would have their break at different times. BAD IDEA. Everytime a group was on break, it was extremely loud. There was one crappy washroom with no toilet paper. My proctor paced until we asked him stop, then he sat down fidgeting the whole time! Left the test centre at 3! EVeryone was extremely unhappy with the test centre conditions.

Wrote again at Humber and it was a much better experience. Avoid writing at Mississauga if you can

Rating: 7

Test Date: June 2012

Comments: After reading the reviews from this centre I was pleasantly surprised. I wrote in the "basement" in a decent sized room that had about 45 people in it. Our proctor was great. She clearly knew the test well and was totally silent while we were writing. The desks were quite small and I know a couple of taller guys had trouble fitting into them. The different rooms all did have breaks at different times, but I found it to be really quiet the whole issues with noise at all. Maybe this center has improved in the last couple of years, or maybe I was just lucky in the room that I wrote in, but I'm writing this so people who get stuck with this center don't get stressed about it ahead of time. It's not that bad.

Rating: 1

Test Date: September 27, 2014

Comments: Wonderful accommodations, TERRIBLE staff. I mean terrible. The rooms were spacious, the desk space was exemplary, and it was located in a basement so I found that most noises could be muffled effectively. However, the staff members who manned this center were atrocious. Beware. The ticket attendants *interrupt* test-writers (even in the midst of writing a Reading Comprehension Section) for stupid administrative problems that CAN BE ADDRESSED AT THE BREAK. Lazy, unintelligible, rude, sloppy, and detached proctors. I was interrupted by a ticket attendant once for a mistake that HE made, and when I brought the concern up to the proctor, he mumbled something and then turned his head. Disgraceful.

Windsor, OntarioEdit

University of WindsorEdit

Rating: 10

Test Date: October 2010

Comments: Wonderful. Test room itself is perfect. Long desks, panorama seating, lots of space, swively chairs, air conditioning a bit cooler than room temperature. Very prominent digital(!) clock on side wall. Proctors were good, too - friendly, vigilant but not invasive. They used a stopwatch that beeped on each of the last three seconds for each section, which bailed me out on a last-second guess at least once. Started checking us in at the announced start time of 8:30 rather than starting the test then. Fine by me - I am not a morning person - but possibly annoying for early birds and punctual people. Told people to make sure to cough up their cell phones about 50 times. Gave a 4-minute warning on one section - oops - but when the test center has a digital clock, I think that's tolerable. I could not have asked for anything better. 2 points deducted from the rating because Windsor's a shithole, but on merit this test center is a 12.

(Note, this is University of Windsor, not University of Windsor Law School.)

British ColumbiaEdit

Vancouver, British ColumbiaEdit

University of British ColumbiaEdit

Rating: 10

Test date: Sep 09 & Dec 09

Comments: I've taken the LSAT here twice and both times went extremely smoothly. First time was in a big theater-style room, second in a smaller classroom. Both rooms provided ample room to write and were extremely quiet. Check-in procedures went very fast and the proctors were outstanding both times (I noticed most of the same proctors the second time I wrote). I really cannot give it less than a 10.

Rating: 10

Test date: Dec. 2009

Comments: Excellent facilities! Plenty of parking near the assigned building, from where we followed the proctors to the test rooms located on the 2nd floor of the Buchanan Arts building. The classrooms were equipped with rows of long tables and good lighting. Each student easily had 3 feet of desk space to write on. Lots of room for your test booklets, bubble sheet, personal ID, stationery, watches/timers, tissues, etc. The rooms also have large clocks at the front, so you're not just relying on the 5-minute warning from the proctors. Speaking of proctors, they were very professional and ensured a quiet environment for the test. My advice is to try to be one of the first people to enter the room, so that you can get a corner seat near the back of the room (which has large windows -- I'm a big fan of natural light). This way, you can minimize the distraction / number of people around you during the test.


Edmonton, ABEdit

University of AlbertaEdit

Rating: 8.5/10

Date: Oct. 2013

Comments: Test center is in the new CCIS bldg. It was held in two lecture theatres (supposed to be 1-140 & another adjacent theatre). There was a delay & some confusion b/ there was a provincial gov't event scheduled close to the same area, so they decided to switch the whole thing at the last second to two other rooms downstairs - maybe for noise reasons.  

It therefore took a little while to get registration going (~30-40min). There were two registration lines, & I had lined up in the middle of the pack, but when I got to the front they said I was supposed to be in the other line and sent me to the back of that one - apparently these lines were sorted alphabetically, but there was nothing to indicate such. The same thing therefore happened to a bunch of other people after me.  Once in the test room things were good - lots of desk space b/ the desks are long tables that go across the whole row. Comfortable, well-lit, etc. No noise from outside, and very little disturbance inside. The proctors do walk up and down the aisles during the test, which can be slightly distracting. They don't seem to be doing anything, though, because I saw a number of people not put their pencils down when time was called and spend up to 1-2min bubbling, and the proctors seemed to just turn a blind eye. Not sure if this is common. Bathroom access was good, but go right away b/ there are lots of ppl. (aprox 120 in each of two rooms)

There are digital clocks in the rooms in both the upper left and right corners, at the front. Easily visible from everywhere, not very useful IMHO b/ on test day I was just focused on the test and didn't really look at the time whatsoever. 

Overall it was very good - on this writing I give 8/10, but probably if those weird delays etc hadn't happened it would be a 10/10.



Ironmonger's Hall, BarbicanEdit

Rating: 4

Comments: The room is very old, lots of old portraits on the wall, which is kind of quaint but I don't dig the Harry Potter testing vibe. Worse, I was stuck at a semi-circle desk with a felt cover like a pool table. It was very difficult to bubble my answers in without breaking through the paper, and it bothered me the entire test. Working on a rounded edge rather than straight like a normal desk was also irritating. I would not recommend this test site, though unfortunately no alternative exists in England.

Iron Mongers HallEdit

Rating: 9

Comments: I took the test in the Drawing Room. Less than 25 people to my room, really lovely decor, very 19th century and stately, really unlike those horrible high school SAT conditions. I had a very big desk, with padded leather chair, and was sitting right next to a nice big lamp.

The proctors were really sweet, helpful, and quiet during the test. The only thing that didn't make it a 10 was that the proctor missed the 5 minute warning once, which didn't affect me anyway and doesn't have anything to do with the center.

Iron Mongers HallEdit

Rating: 9

Comments: Really enjoyed writing my LSAT here. They brought in tables specifically for this, so you had a decent sized folding table to yourself. There were only around 20-25 people in my room, which was nice as the atmosphere was quiet. Lots of things to look at during the break and the ladies bathroom was quite nice.



Comments: No one should take it on the mainland! The Beijing test center is rundown and crowded. Room changes and other logistical tweaks are made without notifying the candidates. Instructions are conflicting depending on whether you read the English or Chinese. There is no AC (despite temperatures over 100 degrees in Beijing!). No individual desks. Too many students, lots of talking, not great proctoring."

Test Date: Dec., 2009

Comments: I was very worried about the Beijing test center after reading this post, but I thought it was fantastic. Things have clearly changed since the person above wrote. I would give it a 9 or 10. The proctoring was quick and professional, there was no talking or distractions, and the test was in a very nice part of Peking University.

Hong KongEdit

Comments: The center was fine. Very professional proctors, adequate conditions (individual desks AND air conditioning ; ), started on time and clearly run by people who had done it before. There were a few language issues with candidates who didn't understand the verbal instructions, but I suppose that can happen anywhere and everywhere. Overall I was pretty impressed -- and glad that I switched my test center to (I live in Beijing so had originally signed up here).

Test Date: Dec., 2009

Comments: I just took my exam there (Dec. 2009).  Some things to note,  foremost, the proctors kept walking up and down the aisles several times during the exam, occasionally stopping to lean over to look at your answer sheet, subtle but noticeable & distracting nonetheless.  Also at the beginning, two of the proctors were chatting and although they were whispering, if youve practiced the LSAT you know that whispering in a silent room is as bad as talking aloud, especially when youre trying to get into that "LSAT zone". During the break other people had mentioned this as well so apparently I wasnt the only one hypersensitive to these things. Also, it's COLD. Definitely bring a sweater and jacket. HK has lovely weather (approx 68f/ 20c) but that testing room did not; nothing intolerable though. Lastly, only one male/female restroom available on the floor where the exam room is on. Had to munch on my treat while waiting in a long line to use rr.  Other than that, the place was relatively clean. Proctors, aside from what I had mentioned, were professional.



Eurosites Edit

Rating: 10

Test Date: Oct 2013

Comments: I was worried about taking it abroad, especially since this is the only site in France. But everything went fine. The only thing to note is that a couple other buildings have the same number (but lettered A and B); Eurosites is clearly the only official-looking building of the three, though. The room in October was comfortable. I couldn't have hoped for a better proctor. He was funny and set us at ease but clearly ran a tight ship. He said he'd been proctoring the LSAT for thirty years (he was American), had an analog clock set up in the front of the room, gave us 35 minutes and a 5-minute warning, a 15-minute break after Section 3, everything he was supposed to do. He insisted on pencils down immediately, which I appreciated because I knew he was strictly following the rules. A relief!


Tel AvivEdit

Z.O.A (Zionists of America) House Edit

Test dates: October 2007, June 2009, September 2009.

Rating: 6.5

Comments:Testing experience and tips: the ZOA House is an art and culture center, and for some reason it is the only place in Israel in which the LSAT is administered. I've taken 4 tests there and every time there was some kind of a crowded and noisy event right outside the room of the examination. My advice is to find a seat which is right in the middle between the the door (back of the room) and the proctor (who usually sits on the stage in the front of the room). It's also better to sit next to the wall - you can eliminate noises from that direction. Since the center is located near one of the main roads of the city, free parking is a very problematic issue. There are a few parking lots nearby, but they're pricy and are usually pretty full to begin with. I suggest that you have one less thing to worry about, and use public transportation. You can take the bus to get there from almost any place in Tel Aviv, and the test center is within walking distance from the Hashalom train station (next to the Azrieli towers/mall).

Proctor: During the course of almost 5 years I've taken 4 tests there and every time it was the same proctor. Compared to other proctors I've seen, she is practically a saint - not too loud, not too strict with the time (in some cases she even gave a few minutes extra, and gave a longer break), and she asks the people outside to keep it quiet (it doesn't always work, but it's a nice try).

General tips: When the a/c is on, it's freezing and very loud. Since no earplugs or headgear are allowed, you should prepare yourself mentally for the noise (study in a cafe or near a wood shop). As for the room temperature, you should wear a tank top, and bring a few layers of clothing, just in case. Most of the desks and chairs are pretty old and are in pretty bad shape, so I advise you to get there early and mix & match to get the right ones for your desired seat.

Another Comment:

I took the test in the ZOA house. The room was very warm (december) but there was a lot of noise. Sounded like a rock concert outside. But it was out of the control of the proctors.

South Korea Edit

Seoul Edit

Yonsei University Test Date: June 2010

Rating: 7 Edit

Comments: If it hadn't rained non-stop for about 250 hours leading up to the test, and had the AC not been set to freezing, this would have been a perfect place to test. The proctors were efficient, understanding, and pleasant.

During the break, smokers were allowed to smoke. If you aren't a smoker, this doesn't mean anything to you. If you are a smoker, this is an outstanding testing site, at least compared to ones in California, New York, and some of the other smoker unfriendly places in the States. I wish it hadn't been so rainy.


Duksung Women's Univeristy (Continung Ed Center)- (Line 3 Anyang Station Exit 4) Edit

Test Date: December 2009

Rating: 8

Comments: Had it not been for the banging pipes as they warmed, this test center would have been a dream. The proctors were extremely efficient, once the ball got rolling and kept quiet. They wrote the start/stop times on the board, and had a clock at the front of the room. They did walk around, so be prepared for people looking over you, if that sort of thing freaks you out.

The room: The test was administered over 3 floors, 4 rooms a floor, with about 35 people per room. Pretty big testing center, and I think the Korea's LSAT is only administered in Seoul, so there you go. Any event, there were rows of large new individual desks for each student, with about 1 meter (~1 yard) between rows. The building is a bit old and not very well insulated, so bring a jacket for the winter tests. Like I mentioned, the pipes do bang (very loudly) as they warm up.

This may not be the testing center for upcoming LSATs, as LSAC has moved the Korean testing center around Seoul. If the center moves, remember that it is very difficult to find things around Seoul if you do not speak Korean, but call the English help line: 02-1330


Monarch Hotel, BangaloreEdit

Test Date: June 2010

Rating: 10


Response 1: I seriously am not exaggerating when I give this center a perfect ten though I have not taken the test anywhere else. This center was fantastic to say the least. Situated in downtown Bangalore, on one of the main shopping avenues, it can be easily located. The parking facilities are adequate. Neatly organized, proctors being very helpful, a nice air-conditioned room with wide tables and comfortable chairs. I spoke to the people who conducted the test after it was all done and I came to know that this is only the second time that their administering the Lsat though they have been doing the IELTS for quite some time now.

The proctors were very helpful and had even provided us with water bottles and all the stationery materials that was required (not that anybody needed them). They placed a laptop in front of the room which had a count-down timer which beeped to indicate the last five minutes for the section. The test went very smooth, though there was an incident at the beginning when someone's name was not in the list, she was not able to take the test today.

The best part of the test was actually when it got over, we were provided with free lunch in the coffee-shop below. How can I not give this center a perfect ten? You be the judge!

Response 2: The Monarch Hotel is a very modest establishment - old-fashioned and respectable in its own shabby-but-clean way. The staff are friendly and polite and really take care of you - they sent up coffee and tea free of charge for us to drink before our exam, along with a tray of biscuits. They kept bottled water for each of us in the hall (nicely appointed by exam hall standards) where we took our test, along with pencils, and afterwards they gave us lunch free of charge. We were very touched because they needn't have done all of that. It was very reassuring and definitely took the edge off. Added to that, the proctors were very nice and very fair, and everything went smoothly. Excellent test center.

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